TikTok Tea Spiller Anna Oop Has Her Own Legion of Fans But No One Knows What She Looks Like

Feb 3, 2021 @ 17:04 GMT+0000
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Face Reveal Discussion: TikTok Tea Spiller Anna Oop Has Her Own Legion of Fans But No One Knows What She Looks Like

If it's a TikToker with something to be talked about, YouTuber Anna Oop is relentless in digging up every single grain of dirt and obviously presents a number of facts twisted like a knot that you may not even know about. Subscribers know what it is. But when it comes to spilling something about herself, you'll find her as the most well-kept secret in the influencer world.

That might be a bold claim, but has anyone even seen her? Really seen her? There are a lot of theories of course, and a lot of videos trying to explain what she looks like. She says she looks like her animated character, actually thinks so. But fans are begging her to do a face reveal video very very soon.

It's strange in one way that someone who talks about TikTok tea has her own legion of fans, some 1.85 millions fans (by no means is that "some"). They are called "The Oopies" by the way, realizing what her name spelled backward reads, and these are not just regular subscribers waiting just for the content of her videos. But they're tantalized by her voice & her presentation and are dying to have a look at her face.

That's the other thing. If a celebrity or an influencer wants to remain anonymous, they'd better learn from her before rising to fame in the first (Marshmallow revealed himself on his own account). She has managed to evade all gossips about her true identity, but it's a topic people continue talking about. No one has been able to find out who she is, how old she is, and where in the world she is from.

Theories: Darianka Sanchez Comes into the Discussion

Some smaller so-called 'Tea channels' have tried to come up with some theories. It had to come from someplace. One of them suggested it could be Darianka Sanchez since she was the only TikToker to have appeared and talked on 'The Oopies 2020 TikTok Awards Show'. Yeah, some people find it absurd too; both the parts of that sentence.

Anna Oop's alternate YouTube account's profile picture.Oop started a second YouTube channel, Anna Solves, as well.
Photo Source: Anna Solves, YouTube

It is quickly debunked though, on account of her tweet that said she thinks she looked like her animated self. She does seem to know a lot about the TikTok system, especially concerning the big wigs, meaning the Hype House & Sway House members (current or past). And Sanchez is Olivia Ponton's friend, a Sway House member & the ex-girlfriend of Hype House's Kio Cyr. But that's still not proof of truth.

In another case, some claimed to have found Anna Oop's TikTok account and shared their own version of 'Anna Oop Face Reveal', with a face in it. There were comments under the TikTok clip actually believing the face was Oop's. As soon as it was branded how absurd that too was, the video is nowhere to be found, nor is the account claimed to be her.

Anna Oop Does Have a TikTok Account, Just Not a Professional One

Considering Anna Oop talks about TikTokers' lives, it is not crazy to assume she has a TikTok account of her own, she needs to see the comments from somewhere. Let's not call in harassing, but Twitter (within her follower base) went crazy over the request for a face reveal.

As you dig in, there is one TikTok account that people could believe is her, because the username literally says @annaoop.ytofficial, a similar format her Twitter username reads @annaoop_yt. We pick that one out of so many like it because the account has over 360,000 followers, and every TikTok video is a short clip of her corresponding YouTube video.

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Picking up on these, Oop talked on Twitter about "still" not having TikTok. Despite knowing of the fake account, she suggested the followers not to unfollow the account and doesn't mind the clips they upload. She says because of the followers' comments in those clips she just wants people to know it's not her.

"i still don't have tiktok! the account on there isn't me," she wrote. "i don't mind them uploading my content but they're commenting a lot of things about tiktokers like charli making people think they're me but it isn't luvs!! you don't have to unfollow them but just kno it's not me hehe."

After being confronted by numerous users about how she knows everything about these 'tea's, she straightened out saying she does have a TikTok account personal to her and "just not one for me as anna oop". There's some suggestion in there that her real name isn't Anna Oop either, a not-so-unbelievable theory.

A Face Reveal From Anna Oop Is Inevitable

All the TikTok digging was a direct result of a constant request from fans about a face reveal. Her assurance just prompted others to do a version of their own for Anna Oop. However, it seems, before 'face reveal' becomes a trending topic or the COVID restrictions lift, it's not happening.

She does have an epic plan for a face reveal, although the plan is unbeknownst to anyone else. On January 8, 2021, she tweeted, " i have something really special planned for the day i do my face reveal ?✨" Moments later, she retweeted that one, writing, "it's going to take some time to plan, prepare, film, edit, etc.. but i'm telling y'all it will be everythannnnnnng <3."

Being in such a rush, a fan mentioned their urgency in the reply, "how much longer??" She ironically referenced influencers' repelling actions during the pandemic.

Another fan recently tried to entice Oop to release a face reveal video by alluring her with how many views and likes she'd get if she did. It'd be an obvious result if she really did, but she is taking her time. She replied, "but wouldn't y'all miss the animation??"


Fans may theorize what Anna Oop looks like, but it'll only be true once she does a face reveal. But her fanbase continues to grow with not much of a rivalry from other tea content creating YouTubers. If she manages to not get canceled or something. There are haters who've tried too, a flip-side to this one-of-a-kind fame.

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