The Internet Loves Jon Ossoff, Here’s Why

Jon Ossoff Wedding

By this time, we assume you know about Jon Ossoff; if not, where are you living, under a rock? Anyways, Jon Ossoff is a Georgia senatorial candidate with fellow Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock. And there are reasons why he is at hype.

Jon, 33, is a former documentarian and investigative journalist who knows how to make his presence on the screen, but people are obsessed with him because many of them are claiming he bears a resemblance to Timothee Chalamet (a grown-up version of him).

No doubt he is the voice of the youth, which is apparent from his campaigns, but people are obsessed with his looks. Some fans even suggested he should start a fundraising OnlyFans where it was Ossof just rolling up his sleeves and buttoning his shirt.

Well, the love for Jon Ossoff just doesn’t stop there; there are hundreds, if not, thousands of adoring fan accounts, like @JonOssoffSimps, and such all over Instagram and Twitter. A video of him where he appeals to youth to vote is getting viral.

It seems Republicans were too jealous of him and took a rather pathetic path to throw a jab at their opponent. A Republican group claimed Jon was “shamed” into marrying his longtime girlfriend, Alisha Kramer.
The group started a parody of Jon Ossoff’s campaign website “,” where they created a fake LinkedIn-styled profile that includes jabs like.

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“Was mocked for embellishing my resume, and eventually shamed into proposing to my girlfriend of 12 years.”

Things didn’t stop there; the parody site also includes a mock shop where the group added a picture of a “limited edition engagement ring” offered at $13.00.

Following the incident, Jon Ossoff blasted off the online attack and said the whole thing was a clear sign that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Sen. David Perdue were frightened by his campaign.

Jon Ossoff Wedding

Jon Ossoff Wedding: Jon and Alisha are blissfully married for three years and together for more than a decade. Source: IBT

Following the fitting reply from Jon, the parody site took down the engagement ring picture, but the fake resume still has the “shamed into proposing his girlfriend” line intact.

Well, Jon couldn’t care less anymore as he won the election, so the joke on the Republicans now. Anyways, since there’s so much heat even in this chilly winter, here’s what you should know about Jon Ossoff’s wedding.

As of now, we all know Jon Ossoff married his longtime girlfriend; even mock-site mentioned this fact. According to some sources, Jon Ossoff and Alisha Kramer attended Paideia at the same time but were never in class together as Jon is three years older than his wife.

Back in 2017, Ossoff told the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” that the couple dated 12 years, which means Jon was 18 and Kramer was just 15 by the time the two started dating. The same year, Jon proposed to his longtime girlfriend and now wife, Alisha Kramer.

The couple was engaged in May of 2017, and after a few weeks, Jon Ossoff and Alisha Kramer celebrated their wedding. There are no pictures from his wedding day, but all we can say is, it was a private ceremony, only a few guests were invited.

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