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Walker Bryant Talks His Relation With Sicily Rose After ‘Wicily’ Being Over Alongside Gavin Magnus

Walker Bryant Talks the Truth About 'Wicily' Being Over with Gavin Magnus

Walker Bryant and Sicily Rose are Just Friends! Walker shares that it was better when there were friends thanking Wicily’s squad for the love and support.

Walker Bryant explained that they bound well when they did not have a label that they wanted to get out of. Both Walker and Gavin Magnus express how hard it was for them to maintain the relationship they used to have before. Walker came up with 9:28 minutes video where he shared all about how things started to turn out after fans started supporting their chemistry.

In the video, Walker also showed their popular Hashtag #Wicily, thanking all the Wicilies for love and support. He came up with a straight eight-minute-long video with fellow YouTuber Gavin where both of them shares their personal experience related to stardom, love, and consequences.

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Through the video Walker Shares,

Hey guys, Walker Bryant here, and today I am going to be sharing the truth about our relationship… There have been so many rumors and questions about my previous relationship with Sicily, and I wanted to make this video to explain the truth. I also have my best friend Gavin Magnus here to help me explain why dating on social media can be complicated and confusing. Sometimes it’s just best to remain friends. Love you guys.

Walker and Sicily are Still Good Friends

Walker Bryant and Sicily Rose Breakup (1)

Together through the ‘Thick’ and ‘Thins’.
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Well, we feel Walker and support both Bryant and Sicily Rose for their decision. The best part is that are still good friends and supports each other.  Yes, that means we’ll still be seeing them in each other Vlogs with their fun-filled chemistry. So in a way, Wicily will still be there forever. Well, this is Walker another popular relationship after ‘Windi’ became over – Learn Walker Bryant’s former relationship with Indi Star.

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