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Why Internet Loved Couple Ethan and Mika Broke Up in Silence? Grab Details Here

Ethan and Mika Breakup (1)

One of the popular YouTube couple Ethan and Mika’s breakup has surely made all of us (fans) sad and left us wondering the reason behind their ‘breakup’. So to know what’s really ‘cooking’ in their relationship and life, here we present you with all the details.

If you’ve been following any of the Internet star, Ethan and Mika, then you might recently be hearing the rumors about the couple break up. Moments earlier they were all over YouTube spreading love and now a complete hush. Why did it happen and what are they currently up to?  Why aren’t they showing up together?

The above questions might definitely be popping inside right as the couple made it more pondering by not sharing with us the reason behind their split; as a matter of fact, they even don’t seem to highlighting the part and hiding it away from social media with just a breakup Tweet. So in order to know the real facts behind their split, here we present you with all the details.

Did Ethan and Mika Broke Up? Where Are the Couple Now?

Yes, it was shocking when Ethan ‘out of the blues’ shared a tweet regarding their split and asking for privacy. And stalking both of their Instagram accounts to get confirmed it wasn’t a prank or any of those ‘couple things’ turned out both to be ‘moved onto’ their own world.

Ethan Tweet about his breakup with Mika

Ethan tweet about his breakup!
Image Source: Twitter

Ethan and Mika broke up on August, 3rd 2020 after dating and being in a relationship for more than two years. Their split was confirmed by Ethan from his official Twitter not revealing any reason for their split.

Stalking Ethan Instagram, Ethan’s last ever uploaded snap with ex-girlfriend Mika was on February 15. He shared the snap on Valentine’s Day till when it seemed that the couple had no issues with their relationship. where he shared a long, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my absolute favorite person @thesirenmika ♥️ there’s no one else I’d rather shout weird noises with and drink glasses of whole milk. iluhyew.”

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And as every tattoo has its own meaning, Ethan’s first tattoo which he recently got on his hand of a ‘Skull biting a Rose‘ clearly articulates a dead relationship!

Mika Last Ever Snap with Boyfriend Ethan

Similarly, Mika’s last ever post together with Mika was on November 19, 2018, where she captioned, “6 months with this goof and we’re already dog parents. Life is good. So happy we both decided to go to the renn faire”.

Where is Ethan and Mika?

Midgett has not deleted posts of Ethan.
Image Source: Instagram

Back in the years, Mika used to often feature in his YouTube channel CrankGameplays. And seeing them appear less and lesser, fans started to come with suspicion about their breakup.

And analyzing all the changing patterns and their behaviors it seems like they’ve suppressed all the feelings for each other and moving towards their own path.

Who is Crank Gameplays’ Ethan? -Age, Parents, YouTube

Ethan Mark Nestor-Darling known as Ethan is a gamer/YouTuber/Streamer. The 23 years old was born to father Mark Nestor and mother Annie Darling. As a matter of fact, Ethan named his middle name after his father’s first name.

Crank Gamplays' Ethan?

Recently Mark is uploading intriguing gameplays of Among Us.
Image Source: Instagram

He started his YouTube channel on August 29, 2012, uploading a video Dirty Mic and the Boy-Happy Wheels Gameplay and by 2020 he’s already a YouTube star with a staggering 1.51 million subscribers.

Besides the 3 years old is also popular on social media and streaming platforms like Instagram, Twitch, and Tumblr. Nestor is a close friend of other popular streamers like Jacksepticeye, Muyskerm, and LordMinion777.

Who is RIPMika? -Age, Instagram, YouTube, Imposter

For those new to the star RipMika is a gamer and Instagram star born in North Carolina who is currently 26 years old. Mika whose real name is Mika Midgett later moved on to Los Angeles after high school. She gained prominence from her cosplays photos, selfies and love for movies, and anime.

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Similar to Ethan, Mika also has a YouTube channel which she recently has been uploading gameplays of Minecraft and Imposter. Yeah, it has definitely been heartbreaking news to all the Ethan and Mika fans as seeing such a perfect couple part their ways is hurting.

Nevertheless, we hope the couples reunite as both of the stars are currently single at the moment and no dating. And the other thing, we (fans) are expecting them to be back is because of their minimal statement regarding the breakup and undeleted snaps and YouTube Contents. Let’s hope for the best.

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Make sure to be connected with us to find updates as we’ll make up information as soon as we get hands-on to any information we get on the couple. For more Daily Dose of Tea, Pop Buzz & Silver Screen updates visit Bae Magazine.

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