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Walker Bryant Talks His Relation With Sicily Rose After ‘Wicily’ Being Over Alongside Gavin Magnus

Walker Bryant and Sicily Rose are Just Friends! Walker shares that it was better when there were friends thanking Wicily’s......

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Sophie Fergi’s Friendship with Piper Rockelle May Have Ended, But Marshmellow’s Cheered Her Up!

Sophie Fergi’s fans allege she’s been blocked by Piper Rockelle & the squad, and they are fuming over the virtual......

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Sophie Fergi Breaks Her Silence on the Breakup with Jentzen Ramirez As She Unofficially Leaves the Squad

Almost 3 weeks after her last video, Sophie Fergi broke her silence to reveal that her parents didn’t have any......

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Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again! ‘Jophie’ Maybe Over for Good This Time

The fanbase is going wild with the announcement from Sophie Fergi and then the video by Jentzen Ramirez, all but......

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The Real Reason Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Broke Up: She Didn’t Want Any Part in ‘The Goat Fam’

Here’s a doozy of a discussion. Young fans, as Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn (or popularly coupled as Cavin) are,......

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