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The Real Reason Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Broke Up: She Didn’t Want Any Part in ‘The Goat Fam’

The Real Reason Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Broke Up: She Didn't Want Any Part in 'The Goat Fam'

Here’s a doozy of a discussion. Young fans, as Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn (or popularly coupled as Cavin) are, are dying to find out the truth behind the relationship tea everyone is spilling now and then. But as these cups of metaphorical tea become more popular than the truth itself, they start to believe the things that are not supposed to be there. Some truths come as expected nonetheless.

When Gavin dropped a rather unnatural & surprising video back in mid-May 2020, announcing he and Coco were taking a break, a lot of them thought it was a real breakup. It was clear as day that they were just looking at their relationship differently, rather than going their completely different ways.

Again, it was not a breakup for Cavin at THAT time. But better believe it, no matter what’s happening these days, the relationship is now truly over. Gavin and Coco have REALLY broken up, and the reasons are almost exactly how it goes in the social media world. But there’s a lot to break down.

Gavin Magnus Gives the Reason He and Coco Quinn Broke Up in a Mid-July Video

In mid-July 2020, Gavin released a video titled, The Truth About Our Break Up…, to detail the reasons he and Coco really broke up.

One – Coco started to be more and more distant from his squad The Goat Fam, insinuating that she had nothing to do with it.
Two – Gavin was not getting enough support from her the way he was giving her, like not letting him on her channel much.
Three – Gavin felt he was being controlled by her, to put in words, limiting who he could make content with.

Of course, the expected ‘I don’t want anyone to be hated on’ came from him at the time. And the events mentioned in the reasons started happening four/five months before the video. It’s understandable how he felt he was getting less attention or at least a reciprocation of his support for her. But it was a far cry from the reason he gave in May.

Watch: Gavin Details the Breakup with Coco

Still, it came to be a mutual decision in the end, and like the last time, he assured his 3.2 million fans on YouTube that they would still remain friends in the future. We did see a lot of her on his channel in the past couple of months, but only the latest one since July 25, 2020.

Gavin Gets Emotional Every Eime He Discusses the Relationship But Still Reconnects with Coco — Getting Back at All?

Regardless of the reasons, they still made a few contents together, particularly the Goodbye video, which marked the last appearance of Coco on Gavin’s channel before the most recent one. A lot of things have happened within this short period of time, especially all those times he went on a search for a new girlfriend with the help of his friends.

Ruby Lightfoot was probably the only one who accepted to go on a date with Gavin, while a lot of the others rejected him (yes!), despite what the title of his videos say. He even reconnected with his former girlfriend, the infamous Piper Rockelle, almost every video within that time period, which is commonly the type of content these YouTubers make.

Gavin Magnus with Ruby Lightfoot on the back of a horse.It hasn’t been long that Magnus and Lightfoot met.
Photo Source: Gavin Magnus, YouTube

After his breakup announcement, however, he was obviously asked about the split, and he got as emotional as one can be, as he did in the video. He assured fans that he and Coco would still be friends, but they never made a content together until this one big video.

The most recent video was the biggest tea for the fans, in which he reconnected with his now ex-girlfriend, Coco, after a long time to take on a lie detector test. She misses Cavin (their relationship nickname), but there’s probably no going back to that relationship. Because as mentioned by Gavin during his turn, he’d already kissed someone else within the last month.

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Another thing to take away was how Ruby had a crush on Gavin, according to the lie detector, but it showed up true when he said he did not have a crush on Ruby. A real conflict happening here.

Talks of Betrayal from a Few of His Best Friends

Among the many events that happened after his breakup video, there is one that should particularly stand out. In the Losing My Best Friends video, he discusses the situation of some of his Goat Fam members betraying the group as a whole by joining other groups without notice.

TikTok collaborative groups have still been popular, despite the state of TikTok in the US, and it seems a few of Gavin’s friends have been swooned by the popularity. Gavin talks particularly of Enzo Lopez, the brother of Hype House’s Addison Rae Easterling, joining the Vibe Crew LA.

Watch: Gavin Announced a Lot of The Goat Fam Members Have Left

This came just one and a half week of the podcast with Lopez. Stefan Benz and likely Corinne Joy are among the others who left without notice, or so he claims (he did not mention Joy’s YT & IG links in the description since then). It was another blow for Gavin, having just come out of a relationship like that with Coco.

The Chances of Pisogav Is Low, Probably

During his breakup announcement, Gavin mentioned a possible return of Pisogav, the trio of Piper Rockelle, her best friend Sophie Fergi and Gavin himself. He was firm to make sure fans knew Pisogav was not the reason he and Coco broke up. In fact, the discussion happened months before any of his aforementioned reasons came into play as the real catalyst.

And in a recent ‘Fan Assumptions’ type video titled Reacting To Questions About My EX GIRLFRIEND, he acknowledged that he “definitely” wants Pisogav to be back again. But he is somewhat sure they won’t be able to make it happen, although 100,000 likes in that video can make it happen. It’s got over 54,000 likes, at the time of writing.

Sophie Fergi, Gavin Magnus and Piper Rockelle, or collectively called 'Pisogav', during their glory days together.Many of the fans are rooting for the trio to go back.
Photo Source: Gavin Magnus/Piper Rockelle, Instagram

Even so, there is a good reason Pisogav cannot happen anytime soon. Things are complicated at the moment between Piper and Sophie. The latter has not been featuring in Piper’s squad lately, and fans wonder if Sophie has left the squad.

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The answer is no, she hasn’t really left the squad. But due to a break-in that recently happened at Piper’s house, Sophie’s parents are restricting her from visiting Piper and the squad. She’s also stopped posting on YouTube for a while now. More on that in another article.

Fans Should Know: The Real Reason a Cheating Allegation Against Gavin Was There Back in February

There was quite the ruckus back in February 2020 about how Gavin cheated on Coco and that they were breaking up because of that. This is absolutely necessary to know that none of the allegations made against Gavin was true. And we have the proof.

The cause of that gossip among the fans in the squad was an article on a prank website known for false news according to requests from practically anyone. Named Channel22News, the site just publishes a small piece about the requested prank as “news”.

Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn hugging.Despite it all, no hard feelings is what it is.
Photo Source: Gavin Magnus, Instagram

It did the same with Coco and Gavin, writing that Coco got his phone while they were dating in secret and found out he was cheating with multiple girls & even trying to get back with Piper. It becomes clear everything said in that piece was false, because it’s all just a prank.

But a prank like this was exactly why TikTok’s controversial Mattia Polibio was thought to have died. Rumors were circulating everywhere. But only the ones to know about the prank article understood the true story.

So, the end of it all is, Gavin and Coco have finally broken up for real, and even if you want it, they will not be getting back together. Also, they will remain friends, and we will likely see them making content together. And the reasons for the breakup is what he said it was.

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