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Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again! ‘Jophie’ Maybe Over for Good This Time

Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again! 'Jophie' Maybe Over for Good This Time

The fanbase is going wild with the announcement from Sophie Fergi and then the video by Jentzen Ramirez, all but confirming their relationship, aka Jophie, is over. Again!

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Sophie Fergi took to Instagram and indirectly announced her breakup with her boyfriend, Jentzen Ramirez, which was confirmed after he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel discussing the split moments later. It comes just weeks after she moved out of the house four of their squad members lived due to the break-in that happened recently and the presence of a stalker.

Following the unfortunate events (which was only days after she returned from her trip to Texas with her father), her parents actually decided she should not join the squad for an indefinite amount of time. While her presence as part of the squad was a question everyone wanted to know the answer to, fans were particularly anxious to know what it means for her relationship with Jentzen.

Sophie Fergi standing in front of an Ice Cream truck in her breakup announcement post.This was her breakup post.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

Even the pair might have been in a dilemma about it as they never made a hint about where it was going. Ultimately, it took Sophie’s parents to decide if they should pursue the relationship, tagged as Jophie by the squad and fans, and it was a disappointing result for the fans.

“Newest member of the broken heart club ???,” Sophie, 13, wrote in the Instagram post as the caption alongside a photo of herself in front of an ice cream truck.

Jentzen provided the reason for the split in the video, stating, “Me and Sophie are no longer together, but it was a mutual agreement between the both of us. And her parents also didn’t really want her dating at this time.”

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Following the statement, the videographer Hunter Hill asked fans to not delete any of the Jophie fanpages from social media, as the other members in the video, Piper Rockelle and boyfriend Lev Cameron, requested everyone to not spread hate. Sophie also asked the same via Instagram with a oneliner, ‘Stop the hate!!!’

The squad additionally professed about supporting her through whatever she will decide to do as Jentzen said he did not have anyone right to be dating. Fans were piling in over in the comments section of Sophie’s photo to share their heartbreak due to the couple’s split, a lot of them disappointed but still wishing for the best. But of course, a few of them surprisingly criticized Jentzen.

Moments after the video, Sophie added an Instagram story announcing to go off of Instagram for the day. But she did upload some more stories, although a lot of them about her and Gavin Magnus, collectively called Savin. It seems he doesn’t know where Sophie is too and is thus worried about her.

Sophie Fergi's announcement about going off of Instagram.Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram Story

Jentzen and Sophie first appeared together in the squad back in August 2019 as she labeled him as her crush. The two confirmed, for a fact, that they are boyfriend and girlfriend back in April 2020 when Piper asked them if Jophie was real in one of her videos.

However, only a few days after that confirmation in late April, Sophie broke down at the end of a video when confronted by Piper and Lev, aka Liper, and revealed that she’d broken up with her boyfriend. Only later was it known that Jentzen had to be physically distant from her due to an opportunity and thus decided a breakup was required.

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Many presumed the matchup of Walker Bryant & Indi Star, aka Windi, (which may also be off now) had something to do with it. Sophie also later cleared that out in a fans Q&A session, where another surprise was waiting. Only half a month later in mid-May, they delighted the fans by getting back together and announcing Jophie was back on.

Jentzen Ramirez and girlfriend Sophie Fergi looking at each other with her right hand around him.The reunion was a delight at the time.
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez, Instagram

Everything was going smoothly, until Sophie had to travel to Texas with her dad indefinitely. No one seemed too concerned about Jophie at the time though, as the trio of Piper, Lev and Jentzen even went all the way to Texas to visit her on her father’s farm.

At the time, despite saying she’ll not be posting on social media, she continued doing it as she’d taken on an everyday Vlog challenge. But everything changed when she stopped vlogging halfway through the challenge and she did not go to Catalina Island for Piper’s 13th birthday.

Fans were assuming she’d left Sophie out, but they later revealed the situation with the stalker and explained her absence from the squad’s videos. But they were eager to know if she is now off the squad. The guys assured they’d make content with her if she’s allowed to.

Gavin Magnus' Instagram story showing concern for Sophie.Gavin Magnus was among the well-wishers for Sophie. Savin is getting popular.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi via Gavin Magnus, Instagram Story

And some wondered if Jophie will still be real too. But it seems everything makes for disappointing arrangements for the fans, Sophie not being in the squad indefinitely and Jophie taking a U-turn. But if the past says something, anything can happen. They may be back together in the future.

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