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Sophie Fergi Breaks Her Silence on the Breakup with Jentzen Ramirez As She Unofficially Leaves the Squad

Sophie Fergi Confirms She's Left the Squad As She Breaks Her Silence on the Breakup with Jentzen Ramirez | BAE Magazine

Almost 3 weeks after her last video, Sophie Fergi broke her silence to reveal that her parents didn’t have any part in her breakup with Jentzen Ramirez. She may have also confirmed she’d left the squad.

YouTuber Sophie Fergi released a video after almost 20 days of posting the last one to discuss the breakup with boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez. Though she didn’t lay out the details, she was firm to make it clear that her parents were not the reason for Jophie being over.

Despite the title, The Truth About My BreakUp, the reason for the split was still unclear. But it seems she was breaking her silence to really say goodbye to the squad, led by Piper Rockelle, as a whole. And Gavin Magnus made an appearance as he traveled 1000 miles (an obvious exaggeration) to find her.

Jentzen released a video a couple of days ago, barely explaining why the two broke up but did say her parents didn’t want her to be dating anyone right now. “I’m going to clarify Jophie breaking up,” she began explaining. “In his video, from his side, this might be his perspective, it wasn’t mine. Basically, the parents were the reason. My parents didn’t want me dating at this time.”

Jentzen Ramirez lifting up Sophie Fergi months before the breakup.They’ve been together since the start of the year.
Photo Source: Heather Nicole, Instagram

“The parents were not what broke us up. My parents never said that I couldn’t date Jentzen, and if that was the case, we wouldn’t have done a video of Jophie being official,” she clarifies. “My mom was super-okay with it. My family was all for it. She actually loved our bond.”

“Also, my dad was super supportive of it. He even offered for Jentzen to come out to Texas,” she continues as she says something fan could really think about but, as requested, not hate on him. “I know people in his family that were all for it. So maybe that’s his family, not from mine. Maybe that’s what he was trying to get across but didn’t come out right.”

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She didn’t really say what the last straw for the breakup was but kept insisting on wanting to be drama-free. She then gave a personalized message to each member of the squad. And although she didn’t officially state she’s left the squad, it is obvious she was not reconnecting with them anytime soon. Also, she took a different turn by enabling comments for the video and does not mention the squad at all in the video description either.

Her message started with Jentzen first and then continued on to the others, in sequence, Lev Cameron, Sawyer Sharbino, Jenna Davis, Hayden Haas, Connor Cain, Symonne Harrison, Emily Dobson and then Piper, to save the best for last. She ended the video by bursting out a balloon heart on the beach, and she had help.


Gavin Magnus figured out where Sophie was, and it doesn’t come strange as he’d proclaimed in his Instagram stories that he was going to find his best friend. The location, Malibu, shouldn’t be surprising, as she mentions the beach has a significant meaning to her. There’s a photo on her Instagram page with Jentzen that should confirm it. They went there on Valentine’s Day.

Sophie Fergi with now ex-boyfriend Jentzen Ramirez holding a rose at the beach on Valentine's Day.The place is significant for her.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

Gavin filmed his search for Sophie, who was by herself with the balloon on the beach, with his cameraman Brian Hartwig and one of The Goat Fam member, Sarah Dorothy Little. There has been a surge of Savin tags on social media from the two of them lately. So it was not unexpected. And one more thing, since Pisogav is not possible, Gavin suggests the new trio be Sarsogav.

Sophie Fergi had previously broken up with Jentzen back in late April/early May when he was off with a new opportunity. Lev and Piper there with her when she let go of a balloon back then instead of Gavin and Sarah. But they reconnected half a month later as they confirmed Jophie was back.

After her return from Texas, things started being a little different when she stopped appearing in Piper and the squad’s videos, especially since not going to Catalina Island for Piper’s 13th birthday. That prompted fans to question if she’d been cast aside from the squad, to which Piper cleared out in a video.

Did Sophie Fergi Leave the Squad? Most likely.An obvious memory, the squad in one photo.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

Under her parents’ supervision, she’d left the house four of the members, including her, were living in after acts of vandalism from a stalker were found in & around the property. But it was just a building block to her exit from the squad, though not the way anyone would’ve wanted.

There’s not a clear path for Sophie after this as she’s not reunited with the squad since the incident. But this marks the end after her dynamic with Piper started when they met on the set of Mani, until a surprise comes for the fans later. She may just join The Goat Fam, as is the popular view.

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