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Elliana Walmsley Is Dating Jentzen Ramirez and Sophie Fergi Is Bothered By Only One Thing!

It’s well-versed by now that Elliana Walmsley is part of Piper Rockelle’s squad for quite a while now. And she......

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Sophie Fergi Breaks Her Silence on the Breakup with Jentzen Ramirez As She Unofficially Leaves the Squad

Almost 3 weeks after her last video, Sophie Fergi broke her silence to reveal that her parents didn’t have any......

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Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again! ‘Jophie’ Maybe Over for Good This Time

The fanbase is going wild with the announcement from Sophie Fergi and then the video by Jentzen Ramirez, all but......

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Did Sophie Fergi Leave the Swype Squad? Why Is She Not in Piper Rockelle’s Videos These Days?

We haven’t heard, literally, from Sophie Fergi in quite a while. She’s active on Instagram but way less than she......

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