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Elliana Walmsley Is Dating Jentzen Ramirez and Sophie Fergi Is Bothered By Only One Thing!

Elliana Walmsley Is Dating Jentzen Ramirez and Sophie Fergi Is Bothered By Only One Thing

It’s well-versed by now that Elliana Walmsley is part of Piper Rockelle’s squad for quite a while now. And she serves as a replacement for the departed member Sophie Fergi, who had to leave the squad due to a break in at the house and all the subsequent drama that followed.

However, what really doesn’t stomach with a lot of people is that Walmsley came as a direct replacement for Fergi, of course, as Jentzen Ramirez‘s new girlfriend.

As far as drama goes, a host of early teenage YouTube and social media superstars popular among their age group have what it takes to entertain their fan base. The people surrounding Piper Rockelle and co are often splitting these fans as they move about their daily fame.

Jentzen Ramirez Suddenly Introduced Elliana Walmsley As His New Girlfriend in October

Jentzen Ramirez confirmed he and Elliana Walmsley, popular for her Dance Moms days, were dating with a YouTube video in late October 2020. He introduced the 13-year-old as his girlfriend to the rest of the squad and had them meet her the very same day.

Piper Rockelle's squad, including Elliana Walmsley (bottom right).)Elliana Walmsley’s boyfriend is part of the infamous squad around Piper Rockelle.
Photo Source: Jentzen Ramirez, Instagram

Ramirez first revealed about “this girl” to the editor when deciding to come forth with the confession and then relayed it to fellow squad member Symonne Harrison in private, intentionally, in the hope that she would make the others aware of the big news. And within minutes, everyone in the building knew about it.

All the members were present during Walmsley’s introduction to the squad as Ramirez’s girlfriend. Rockelle, Harrison, Lev Cameron, Jenna Davies, Hayden Haas, Sawyer Sharbino, Connor Cain, Emily Dobson, Ayden Mekus and even Ruby Lightfoot got to meet Walmsley in the same room.

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It hasn’t been long since the two started dating, with Ramirez mentioning they only started talking to each other since two weeks prior to the big reveal.

Regardless, the two have been branded as girlfriend-boyfriend since and frequently appear in the videos of Ramirez and occasionally the rest of the squad members, as is often the case.

What Does Ramirez’s Ex Sophie Fergi Feel of His New-Found Romance?

Prior to Walmsely, Ramirez was in a relationship with former squad member Sophie Fergi, who is now jelled well into the Goat Fam, Gavin Magnus‘ squad. Fergi and Ramirez labeled themselves as each other’s crush since late August of 2019, subsequently confirming that Jophie, nickname for their year-long relationship, was official.

Fast forward to mid-September 2020, and one earlier break up (May 2020) later, the two officially ended things after her parents got her to move out of the house she was living with Rockelle in following a break-in by a stalker.

Sophie Fergi with ex-boyfriend, Jentzen Ramirez.The pair dated for a year until August/September 2020.
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

While Ramirez briefly mentioned her parents for the reason that they stopped dating, Fergi broke her three-week silence and revealed all in a separate dedicated video of her own, insisting her parents were not the reason for their split. That moment also confirmed her exit from Rockelle’s squad.

Since then, Fergi has cozied up to Magnus and his squad. And when the news of Ramirez’s relationship with Walmsley came about, fans were eager to know what she thought of it, while being delicate about it. It was not uncommon.

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During a Q&A session for her in early November, alongside Magnus and Walker Bryant (also a former member of Rockelle’s sqaud), Fergi answered some of the questions from the fans about it.

The 13-year-old hasn’t been in contact with Rockelle of the rest of the squad since the big drama and says she doesn’t really like Ramirez as a love interest, while hoping his future to be bright. A silver lining for Jophie fans is that she is open to the idea of the two dating again, but not right now or in the current future.

Sophie Fergi and Walker Bryant of Goat Fam.She is currently associated with the Goat Fam, the brainchild of Gavin Magnus (not in the photo).
Photo Source: Sophie Fergi, Instagram

Later in the same video, she professes her thoughts of Ramirez dating Walmsley, but states that she really doesn’t know what she feels about it. “Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that one,” she answers Bryant’s question. “It’s a little crazy just to see him having a new girlfriend already. But you know, I’m not hating on him, and if that’s what he wants to do, he can do that.”

One thing that she finds strange is how sudden the relationship all became official. “It’s not soon because we broke up a couple of months ago,” Fergi responds to Magnus calling it too soon after her own breakup. “But soon is that they literally just met.”

“And it’s because they never, like, announced that they were just crushing. They’re just like, it’s a girlfriend,” Bryant added.

Fergi made one more video since the Q&A one and hasn’t been on YouTube for one and a half months since then. Fans are sending supporting message for her in the comments of her regular Instagram posts though.

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