Is Ondreaz Lopez Dating Hannah Stocking? The Randomness Is All Over the Place

Sep 29, 2020 @ 17:08 GMT+0000
Is Ondreaz Lopez Dating Hannah Stocking? Fans Find It Random

TikTokers Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking are sending vibes all over the place as they’ve already kissed. But are they officially dating though?

Within the last month, fans have seen Hannah Stocking doing everything she can to cozy up to Hype House‘s Ondreaz Lopez. And consequently, Handreaz has officially been shipped. Either way, they are not coming straight up with a confession in the line of ‘We are dating’.

However, if Stocking’s latest TikTok video says anything, it’s just exactly that. Or the kiss was a huge treat for Lopez. In the last few days, almost-kisses and friendly kisses on the cheek were putting fans off about that. But the signs have been too much to ignore and think they are dating for sure.

Ondreaz Lopez and Hannah Stocking on duck floaters in the Hype House Pool.

The pair have been teasing the fans since they started connecting.
Photo Source: Ondreaz Lopez, Instagram

The relationship, romantic or not, came around in the last month as they started making TikToks together, appearing in pool parties, apparently, despite the guidelines for you-know-what. Criticisms aside, fans are particularly stunned at the chemistry these two have.

But what people find random is the relationship itself. If they are to be dating, fans perceive them to be the unlikeliest couple in the industry. Perhaps it is this randomness fans have started to take a liking to. Lopez is 23 and just came to the limelight after joining the Hype House. Stocking is a 28-year-old Vine veteran but with an acting background as well.

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Regardless, the chemistry has prompted fans to ship the two, hence the couple nickname Handreaz. And perhaps it’s the fans’ perception on the relationship that could prompt the couple to be official. But it’s early days.

Stocking released a YouTube video quite outside her regularity a few days ago which she categorizes as a vlog, to share some details about whether they are dating or not. But to be honest, her asking him to be with her while orchestrating rain (and holding a radio) wasn’t too convincing.

Watch: Lopez Does Not Have an Agreeable Face


It’s a vlog, so it’s supposed to be true. But it’s a vlog about creating a TikTok video she released earlier this month, so a behind-the-scenes clip maybe (she’d been teasing a vlog since weeks before). Plus, Lopez’s face was too awkwardly funny and signaled a rejection, or at least a disapproving look.

At that time, the two had only just gotten acquainted, sliding into each other’s DMs and such. But it was clear this was heading somewhere, which leads fans to Stocking’s latest TikTok video. Fans got what they were waiting for. After a bunch of teases, they’ve finally kissed.

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Of course, fans are going gaga for it. And after a while, Lopez declared her his ‘Bae’ in the comments section of her latest Instagram post. Stocking reciprocated with her own declaration on the same IG post. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it is the closest thing to a confirmation you can get to know if they are dating or not.

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez sticking their tongues out looking at each other.Someone claims they’re going to break the internet once they start dating.
Photo Source: Ondreaz Lopez, Instagram

The real answer is something only Lopez and Stocking can give. But the kiss does make it official, in an unofficial way (despite knowing she kissed Gusein Gasanov for a wedding skit in late August). A query from someone like The Hollywood Fix could provide a premise for it. You’ll just have to wait.

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