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Line of Duty Series 6 Coming in March – Teaser and Release Date Made Public!


After a two-year gap, we finally have a definite timeline for the Line of Duty series 6 release. To make matters even more interesting, the release date is much closer now. No, teaser, trailer, promotion, nonsense and we are more than excited to see what lies ahead for AC-12.

Line of Duty is a BBC series that follows the Anti Corruption Unit 12 as they try to maintain professionalism and order among British Police officers. Every series deals with a new officer who has used questionable practices and the Cops over at AC-12 try to figure out the real truth. (Spoilers Ahead for Series 5)

Series 5 ended with a lot of questions, where is the missing £50,000? Who is the second M? What did Cottan mean? And what is up with Hastings? But those are not the only questions AC-12 officers need to find answers to, they have a new antagonist for series 6 and she is the most “enigmatic adversary” the team has ever faced.

What is Line of Duty Series 6 About?

line-of-duty-series-6-release-date-2021Line of Duty release date is scheduled for a March release. New adversary and old mystery at the center of the beloved British procedural.
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As mentioned above, there are many questions that need concrete answers in Line of Duty series 6, but the guys cannot dwell on it for long. The new series will present a new issue for AC-12 as they try to get to the root of some questionable investigating done by a respected officer.

Continuing the trend of a known personality joining the police procedural, series 6 will introduce DCI Joanne Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald. Boardwalk Empire fame actress, Kelly Macdonald will be the new antagonist of the show and someone who is described as being immensely talented.

Jed Mercurio previously revealed about Macdonald’s roles, “Kelly plays DCI Joanne Davidson, who is the Senior Investigating Officer on a high-profile murder that remains unsolved over a year after the killing, and AC-12 get involved because there are question marks over her investigation.”

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Joanne Davidson is being considered to be the “most enigmatic adversary” AC-12 has come up against. And the series 6 episode 1 synopsis on IMDb is also similarly cryptic, “As an SIO on an unsolved murder, DCI Joanne Davidson’s unconventional conduct raises suspicions at AC-12.”

So, all the mystery from the earlier seasons will carry over but they will be placed on the slow burner while the team investigates DCI Joanne Davidson. To be frank, we just want to know what is going to happen with Hastings, are there going to be consequences or everything will be fine, it’s all a mystery right now.

Line of Duty Series 6 Release Date – It Won’t Be Long Now

On 27 February 2021, the official Twitter page of BBC One released a teaser for Line of Duty series 6, along with all the stars of the show. The short teaser also revealed a 21 March 2021 release date with same-day streaming on BBC iPlayer.

In the short clip, we see Superintendent Hastings using a bullhorn in the rain as police surround two suspects. Hastings says, “This is Superintendent Hastings. You will be treated fairly, with the full protection of the law.” The two suspects are DCI Joanne and DI Fleming.

From what we can tell DI Fleming is undercover, probably trying to get close to DCI Davidson. And by the looks of things, it appears she succeded in her mission and the cavalry has arrived to arrest both of them to sell Fleming as an ally for Davidson.

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Another confusing thing from the teaser is DI Fleming‘s hand on her gun. If she is undercover, why is she trying to reach for her gun while multiple guns are pointed at her? Again, we only have questions and a trailer might make heads or tails of the situation. Or we can wait till the premiere to figure out where the story is headed.

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