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Kat Dennings Teases “Massive Payoff” at the End of WandaVision


After ten years of raining supreme at the box office, massive numbers of fans were skeptical about the viability of Marvel beyond the Thanos arc. But WandaVision has become a beloved show, and it happened because MCU again dared to do something unique. And according to Kat Dennings, there is still a massive payoff in store for the fans, we just have to keep our eyes peeled.

With a unique concept, potent acting, and fan service, WandaVision defied odds and made fans fall in love with Wanda. Age of Ultron did the character no service and that awful accent made her a target among die-hard fans, similar to what happened with Storm in the first X-Men movie.

wandavision-disney-plus-darcy-lewis-2021Kat Dennings says the finale of WandaVision will have a massive payoff at the end.
Image Source: Kat Dennings Instagram

While she did not manage to win over the fans in one fell swoop, almost defeating Thanos made some people come around. But with WandaVision, the character has had a full redemption and there is a danger that we may all fall in love with the character before the curtain is called on WandaVision.

There are still two more episodes to go before the finale of WandaVision. A finale that is highly anticipated and stoking the flame further is the Dr. Darcy Lewis actress Kat Dennings who is making the rounds of talk shows and dropping some hints on what she claims is an unmissable finale that will provide a huge payoff to the fans.

Kat Dennings’ Cryptic WandaVision Finale Tease of a “Massive Payoff”

Darcy Lewis was the human friend of Thor. She was the comic relief in the first two Thor movies before the god of thunder himself decided to take on the duties in the third movie. Darcy was a fun addition to the first two Thor movies but she is playing an even bigger role in WandaVision.

She was the one who figured out the sitcom signal and later revealed the truth about Vision in episode 7. But no matter the clueless findings of Darcy on screen, actress Kat Dennings knows a little more about where the story is headed and why we should all pay attention.

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Kat was appearing in The Drew Barrymore Show where she taught Drew a cat food can opening hack, spoke about her character, and imparted some knowledge on what is going to happen in the finale. The actress, obviously, could not reveal much but she still gave a tease.

Regarding the soon-to-be-coming ending, Kat said, “Every episode is building, and building and building, and I don’t know really what happens, but there is a massive payoff for pretty much everything in the show. So I encourage people to pay attention while they’re watching”

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She also spoke about how her character was a conduit for all the fans. The first three episodes of WandaVision were beyond confusing and there were so many questions in all of our heads. Kat Dennings’ Darcy was like a fan placed in a Marvel TV show. She was asking the questions we wanted the answers to and filling in the blanks regarding almost all the mystery in the first three episodes.

Kat told Drew, “The first three episodes (are) meant to kind of confuse and mystify the audience, so finally somebody shows up to kind of represent the audience and tell them, more or less, what’s going on.” Kat Dennings was a welcome addition to the WandaVision and we cannot wait to see where she ends up after the highly anticipated finale.

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Last modified: May 2, 2021