Bryce Hall Calls Out Thomas Petrou for Calling Off the Fight

Aug 10, 2020 @ 18:25 GMT+0000
Bryce Hall Responds Thomas Petrou Calling Off Fight

It’s a nice day to be trash-talking, isn’t it? The kind of thing they do before a fight, not just a random talking-s**t moment. But Bryce Hall is not stopping it even after Thomas Petrou canceled their upcoming, friendly (kind of), bout. Because, well, there are some weird things going on between them.

In a new calling-out video, the Sway House wiz-kid followed up on the feud with the Hype House co-founder from a few days ago. In addition to the response that is being highly talked about in the TikTok community, Hall responded to Petrou canceling their bout as well. And he was not mincing his words at all.

Bryce Hall, Addison Rae and Thomas Petrou in the latter's video.
Thomas Petrou doesn’t stop responding either.
Photo Source: Bryce Hall Instagram

The almost-21-year-old tried listing the reasons which he thought Petrou canceled the fight for in his new no-holding-back video, Listen Up Hype House Owner…, but could only come up with one before his videographer gave him the second reason, sort of.

“He doesn’t want to do that type of stuff, one, because he knows I’ll win,” he says in the video. “And two, he thinks that, uh… Actually I don’t even know why he doesn’t want to do it, to be honest.” “He’s scared,” JROD, the videographer mentioned.

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“I think he’s scared. It’s just he’s scared,” Hall, who celebrates his 21st birthday on August 14, continued. “He doesn’t wanna get embarrassed in front of millions of people.”

Hall had responded to his now-deleted Twitter comments about Petrou’s social media posts, particularly about the one where Petrou fills up the Hype House pool with colorful balls, when Hollywood Fix came up to his car to ask if he thought the Hype House content is all fake.

Bryce Hall's deleted Twitter comments about Hype House.The deleted tweets in late July.
Photo Source: The TikTok Shaderoom Instagram

He said it’s all fake, to which Petrou responded with a comment the next morning, “We all make the same content. Instead of talking s**t let’s talk about Lebonan.” He also had a response in another video.

“Thomas is 22 filling his pool up with colorful balls, we’re on 2 different levels buddy… stay in your lane,” he wrote in a comment afterward.

In the video, he agrees with Petrou’s second statement but insists his content is real and he doesn’t fake confrontations and whatnot. Meanwhile, he also presented a case for why Petrou was contradicting him with another of his statements in the comments section.

“21* you’re right I’m sorry, I’ll stick to making videos my supporters enjoy,” Petrou wrote. “You stick to getting locked up for drug use, bullying people for clout and shotgunning Red Bull’s. I prefer my lane.”

He was obviously referring to Hall’s arrest back in May and his videos. But Hall was getting back at him, of course. “Didn’t he just comment that he didn’t want to feed on the drama because of the Lebonan stuff? … Oh, okay, so contradicting himself.”

“You can’t outsmart me man. You’re a dumba**. You’re just contradicting yourself. You can’t argue with me and then say that you don’t want to feed into the drama because there are more important issues going on right now.”

For the clout claim, which he got more tea about how Petrou said he was going to beat him up from a very reliable source, Hall fired back at him, instead accusing Petrou of using other famous people for clout himself, giving a few examples. He continues talking trash for another fight, figurative or literal, before going to the rest of the video unrelated to the topic.

Of course, this little online bout is not going to end just here. And this kind of began back in May when Hall commented on Charli & Dixie D’Amelio‘s exit from the Hype House. Shades were thrown here and there (Alex WarrenDavid Dobrik comparison, for instance), and it’s been commonplace in the community.

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