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Daisy Keech Leaving clubhouse & TikTok for a Different Future

Daisy Keech leaving clubhouse

Abby Rao and Kinsey Wolanski are now the bosses of ‘clubhouse’, the content-collab house created by Daisy Keech after leaving the infamous Hype House in a furious note.

At least this one is not a troublesome exit. Daisy Keech abruptly announced she is leaving her brainchild behind to do some other work for herself. It’s left fans with the question of who is going to be the boss of clubhouse, which apparently isn’t an issue as Abby Rao & Kinsey Wolanski are stepping up with something Keech was not ready to divulge it yet.

The 20-year-old has already found her new home and is in renovation right now. She says she is focusing on her own brand, which was hard to come by with social media, particularly YouTube & TikTok. While not abandoning it, she’ll be trying to amp up her business in real life and through Instagram.

Daisy Keech with her boyfriend Michael Yerger.Daisy Keech is currently dating ‘Survivor’ contestant and model Michael Yerger.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech Instagram

One path is her own workout program, which she wasn’t able to focus on with clubhouse. It’s called Keech Peach, and it is exactly as it sounds, a program for your booty. And one other path is her passion for beautiful houses. She says she liked the idea when she was searching for her own house.

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“The reason I’m moving out is that I really need to focus on myself and my own brand that I truly want to build,” she started the explanation part of the video. “I’ve just been thinking, like, what’s my passion in life? Like, what makes me happy?”

“Honestly, as I was looking for homes, like, I was like, ‘Wow, I would love to start buying homes and renovating them & putting them up for rent’,” she continued. “For me, the whole interior design, and making the outside super aesthetic and pretty, like, that feeds something in my soul.”

Daisy Keech advertising her business, Keech Peach.She called in a doctor to certify her booty as real.
Photo Source: Daisy Keech Instagram

Apart from Keech Peech, she wants to put out more programs and additional brands & products. Instagram will come in handy for those as she’s appearing in Wolanski’s Bang Energy IG ad. And many of them may be about fitness. One thing for sure is that a bikini line is coming up soon.

The news comes just over a day after another clubhouse member, Charly Jordan, announced she was leaving the building too. According to Keech, Jordan’s main focus is her new venture called Smoke Roses. Meanwhile, Rao & Wolanski have their own new thing. Be sure to tune in for the announcement soon.

Daisy Keech bought the house back in March after a fallout with the other co-founders of Hype House, Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, since early 2020 resulted in a lawsuit being filed by her against them. There were several accusations from either side as Petrou scoffed out the receipts. Meanwhile, the lawsuit hasn’t followed up with anything yet.

It’s amazed everyone that she decided this only after exactly four months of starting up the clubhouse venture. But leaving with a positive note was what she would’ve wanted after the last time she left one collaborative business. She’s also amazed herself she’s got over 5 million Instagram followers when she targeted for 1 million in 2020. She’s also obtained over 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube, whatever the publicity of her fame was.

Amir Ben-Yohanan, a New York real estate developer, is an outside investor for clubhouse.

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