Ellie Zeiler Has a YouTube Channel & You Only Know About It Now

Aug 5, 2020 @ 16:59 GMT+0000
Ellie Zeiler Has a YouTube Channel & You Only Know About It Now

Branded Charli D’Amelio copycat, Ellie Zeiler started posting on her YouTube page. The question is, how many people know about it?

‘Copycat’ is stretching too far. While so many comments have popped up about Ellie Zeiler copying TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio head to toe, the verdict of her real intention remains to be seen with the divided fanbase. But whatever the division, there’s no denying those people are the ones getting her to fame nonetheless.

Regardless, Zeiler’s TikTok following has risen drastically in the past couple of months. But in case the app gets shut down in the US (President Trump is getting really fixated on that), she’s expanded to YouTube as well. Of course, TikTok & Instagram go hand-in-hand but this is the first time she’s posted on YouTube.

Watch: Ellie Zeiler’s Latest Video on YouTube

The 16-year-old first posted just over a week ago in late July for the first time with a “Welcome To My Channel!” video. She immediately posted a Q&A video teasing fans of a possible boyfriend. She only has just over 33,000 subscribers, but to get it in such a short time is still impressive.

She’s already posted four times and is shooting for the stars, but it’s a question of how long it takes for others to notice her too. Of course, with many already having been on at least one TikToker’s YT video, the time isn’t that long. And at this time, many TikTokers are, kind of, trying to get out of TikTok to get a more sustainable profession. So why not?

Now that she is on YouTube as well, like some other TikTok star (yes, Charli), there’s no denying there will be a few videos of a similar kind to that of normal influencers from Zeiler as well. Yeah, Q&A, fashion haul, and all. It’s not too far to think she’ll be cornered with copycat comments as well.

She’s been said to have started out by posing as Charli D’Amelio in photos and gradually copying her dress-up style on TikTok videos as well. Many have tried and successfully dug up photos from her past before the fame really caught onto her. And a whole of them warned her to stop acting like the real TikTok queen & even copying her hairstyle, allegedly.

Ellie Zeiler & Charli D'Amelio side by side.Zeiler came under a lot of scrutinies since starting TikTok in March 2020.
Photo Source: Ellie Zeiler, Instagram / Charli D’Amelio, Instagram

Whether she’s trying to be like D’Amelio or not, there does seem to be many instances before fame that she looked more D’Amelio’s sister than Dixie D’Amelio herself. She’s brushed it aside but there has been an instance when people thought she was dishing on someone who got her the fame in the first place, meaning D’Amelio, after Ryan Clements accused her of “clout”-chasing. She has professionally responded to it a lot of times.

Meanwhile, Charli was herself asked of what she thought about Zeiler, but it doesn’t seem like she looks too much into the copycat thing. She really doesn’t care about it all, and you know when she does care about something. Chase Hudson didn’t get the warning from her that one time for nothing.

Outside TikTok, however, there is so much to be found about Zeiler. Like the fact that she co-founded an entire non-profit with her friends, called Together As One Movement, against anti-semitism. When you know about it, it’s as modest as it gets.

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