‘How I Met Your Mother’ Stella Actress Sarah Chalke Still Encounters Angry Fans in the Street

'How I Met Your Mother' Stella Actress Sarah Chalke Still Encounters Angry Fans in the Street

Sarah Chalke, who played Stella Zinman on the CBS comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ revealed she still faces angry fans in the street.

How I met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby had a rocky path before he found his one true soulmate, and for a while, it looked like the lady could have been Stella Zinman.

It was not to be, of course, because she went back to her husband – leaving Ted at the altar, no less – and the fans are not over it yet.

“I still get people get so mad at me for leaving Ted at the altar on social media,” Stella actress Sarah Chalke told Metro, adding “and sometimes in the street!”

The star claimed she was originally signed for one episode until she was offered a greater part and was expected to be the mother in case the series would fail to get renewed.

“I was doing Scrubs at the time. We were supposed to be starting our next season of Scrubs the following week,” she explained.

“So I had this one week off before we started, so I went and did Stella and then they said, ‘Can we actually extend this and do more?’ Luckily, my boss at Scrubs was very generous to say, ‘Yes, we can make it work. We’ll just have to kind of schedule it creatively’.

“I would go to How I Met Your Mother at about 5 am for hair and make-up, and then shoot there for about five hours and then I would drive to Scrubs and shoot there till about midnight.

“It was a busy time and did not involve a lot of sleep! But it was so worth it and I had the best time.”

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Stella Zinman was one of the most enticing romantic interests of Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. The actress, portrayed by Sarah Chalke, appeared mostly in the third and fourth seasons of the series.

Ted saw Stella for the first time in season 3 of the show, “Ten Sessions.” Stella was Ted’s dermatologist tasked with extracting his notorious low-back butterfly tattoo.

Ted started a friendship with her soon after, but he was concerned that Stella was taking it too slowly; Stella had a daughter, Lucy, from her past marriage, and she had her own set of rules about dating.

It took the duo a while before they appreciated each other’s attitude to life, and at the end of the season, Ted got down on his knee and Stella accepted his proposal.

Ted’s friends were concerned he was going too fast with Stella and that he was not filled with much information about his soon-to-be-spouse. He knew how much she meant to him following the group’s trademark intervention.

Stella intended to take over the canceled wedding of her sister, but a few conflicts occurred before the ceremony. Then Stella ended up leaving Ted at the altar and came back with her ex-husband, Tony, Lucy’s father.

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Later on, in the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother, Ted bumped into Stella and they were ultimately able to clear the air.

By the end of the season, Stella and Lucy relocated to California with Tony to start the next phase in their lives, while Ted used Tony’s connections to land the work as an architectural instructor.

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