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CJ So Cool and Royalty Breaks Up! What’s Happening!

Grab all the details of YouTuber CJ So Cool and Royalty breakup, “Money really changes People” – Royalty.

If you been following the former partners CJ So Cool and Royalty Brown drama then things might make sense to you and you might have the idea regarding their split, ending 8 years relationship. For those who jumped right in to find what happened well hold on as we’ve got things covered up!

Royalty came live on March 4, where the Vlogger is seen leaving CJ’s house along with her children, and sharing how toxic her relationship was with CJ. She then tours around the house showing that shevis leaving CJ’s home with nothing.


And some of you some might be wondering, what made the couple who’s been in relationshipvfor years, come to a full stop? Well, according to Brown, she accuses Cool of cheating on her with a leaked video at the bar where CJ seems like cheating his wife with an unknown girl. And that’s what ended their things.

And CJ testifies the cheating allegation sharing that he did nothing wrong out there and he gave them permission to upload the video thinking it would be free publicity, but the dices turned out to be different ending with a breakup.

Their split was confirmed after Royalty came live on her Instagram, where she is seen leaving the house, and buying stuff for the new crib she is staying in, which location is yet to be released by the mother of three. CJ is currently residing in Los Vegas.

How Did CJ and Royalty Started Dating?

Wellbeing honest, CJ So Cool got famous and made such a lifestlye he’s living after the 32 years old Youtuber Royalty in a club and if we talk about it, there is an interesting part to share.

CJ used to work on a casino where he was alleged of tricking the players during the game, which CJ testifies that he was just pacing up the boring and slow game culture. He bought a yellow suit from his last $1000 dollars and went to the club where he eventually ended up meeting Royalty.

Royalty was in a relationship with the father of her three kids Terry Amey, who left her husband for CJ. Cool who was broke over time with no house & stayed in Royalty’s mother house. Matter of fact, Nia Guzman aka Royalty bought him laptop to start his YouTube career.

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It’s sad to see one of the internet loved family break. But what Cordero James Brady did was not tolerable more after seeing what Brown did for him. For more Pop Buzz updates make sure to bookmark BAE Magazine.

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Last modified: May 12, 2021