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CJ So Cool Gets Exposed – Breakup With Royalty & Chris Sails Feud

Cj So Cool Exposed

Every Details you need to know about Cj So Cool Net Worth, breakup with Loyalty,a nd heating argument with YouTuber Chris Sails.

If you been updated with CJ So Cool on his social media handles or YouTube then you might well know about CJ’s and his ex-partner Royalty terrible split. CJ who runs a family vlog now alongside Royalty and her three children Leonidas, J’alliyah, and Karnation, the split was shocking.

The real reason behind CJ spit was due to his viral hookup clip where he’s spotted making out with a random girl. If you guys want to learn what happened, you can check out CJ So Cool and Royalty Breaks Up! What’s Happening!

CJ So Cool Gets Exposed!

And when it comes to the reason behind the split, some fans took over to CJ’s side while a majority supported Royalty, however, on real CJ is the one who cheated. And it’s clear too because we see Royalty affair with no other man, but, CJ So Cool who real name is Cordero James Brady is witnessed cheating with another girl.

Watch: CJ SO COOL Tried to EXPOSE Royalty but Then This Happen…

And CJ tries to prove him clean sharing that he did all the ‘stripping thing’ for a ‘Free Public Fame & Promotion’ and even shares, he did it intentionally to initiate a hustling point for Loyalty. Humm, fair enough, a nice excuse statement to make yourself get sympathy.

And we can’t forget his cry baby vlog where Cool begs for Loyalty to come back and how much he misses the family. But CJ who always seems to hit things on target, was able to convience Loyalty on some level as he did some shopping and requesting her to take the gift for mother’s day.

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Anyway, Mother’s day seemed to be a good day for CJ at least he got to meet Royalty. But we don’t think she will be back cause’ she already moved on to a new house with her children & even thought of settling solo, her Only Fan page shows a little glimpse of that.

How Much is CJ So Cool Net Worth?

As per reports from Legit, Cool’s net worth is assumed to be around $2 million. And behind such staggering fortune is all credited to Cj’s earning from YouTube and endorsements he does for many products on YouTube and Instagram.

CJ So Cool Gets Exposed!

CJ trying to convince Royalty with Fendi $$$
Image Source: Instagram 

Many of the fans also seem to be curious regarding the rakes CJ makes from YouTube, well, as per reports from Social Blade, CJ So Cool makes around $7.2k to $115.5 k monthly earning alone from YouTube views and not an extra advertisement.

Similarly, he earns around $86.7k to $1.4 million yearly from YouTube. As he often flexes about h0w much money you can make from YouTube. And he is also often seen shopping Gucci, Fenty products which surely tells that he is earning a good amount of revenue from YouTube and endorsements.

Which is why he is living in a $1 million worth mansion with pool, and two sports car Lamborgini and a McLaren which starts from $295,073.

What is the Reason Behind CJ So Cool and Chris Sails Heated Exchange?

Over time, CJ So Cool heated argument with fellow YouTuber Chris Sails has been going viral all over social media; it even made fans scratching their head what the feud was about.

Matter of fact, throughout their Instagram live, CJ was seen challenging Chris inviting him for a big boxing match.

Cj So Cool and Chris Sails Arguement

CJ seems to be nailing Sails with his voals and was funny to see him flexing his materlistics. And similarly, when it comes to the part they were fighting about was a story mention in CJ Instagram where Sails mistook the information Cool was trying to deliver and took it more in a negative way. So that’s what sparkled their argument.

And if you overlook to the 32 years old YouTuber then you caneven see posts teasing and challenging Chris Sails for a ring match. However, their match has not been finalized.

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