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Courtney Shields Boyfriend in 2021: Here’s Everything You Should Know About Her Relationship

courtney shields boyfriend ishaan sutaria engaged

Here’s what you should know about Courtney Shields boyfriend in 2021. Is she dating someone? Let’s find out.

Courtney Shield is a lifestyle and fashion blogger at her self-titled website “CourtneyShields.com.” Courtney is known for sharing tips and tricks, her everyday life, on her blogs in the hopes of helping women feel more confident in their skin.

According to her profile, she likes to write content as if she is talking to her girlfriend she has known for years, and her goal is to be a daily destination for young morning reads. Well, we don’t doubt that; she is an excellent blogger.

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But recently, the lifestyle blogger is trending following her ties with her beau, so who is Courtney Shields’ boyfriend in 2021? Let’s find out about her dating life.

Who is Courtney Shields Boyfriend in 2021?

It wouldn’t be too wrong if we say Courtney Shields making the rounds of tabloid following she is linked with her beau.

Well, if you are aware of the current world affairs, more precisely, tech world, then you know Courtney Shields boyfriend is Ishaan Sutaria.

courtney shields boyfriend ishaan sutaria engaged

Courtney Shields is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ishaan Sutaria. Photo Source: Courtney Shields, Instagram

The couple is together for quite some time now, but their relationship is getting public attention recently.

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It’s still unclear when the two really started dating, but some believe they started seeing each other sometime between December 2020 and January 2021.

Who is Courtney Shields Boyfriend, Ishaan Sutaria?

Courtney Shields boyfriend, Ishaan Sutaria, is the co-founder and CEO at WAVE.TV, a sports media company for the next-gen of fans.

According to their profile, the company aims to entertain modern-day sports fans with the programming they love, produced for the digital platforms where they spend the most time.

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The company profile speaks a lot about its credibility, but there’s a reason why Courtney Shields, her boyfriend, and WAVE.tv are trending right now. Here’s why

Courtney Shields’ Boyfriend, Ishaan Sutaria, Pulls in New Funding

We already know why Courtney Shields and her boyfriend, Ishaan Sutaria, are trending right now. We mean, it’s not like they were not famous, but recently, something amazing happened for Courtney’s beau.

WAVE.tv, a 3-year-old company raised $32 million to fund its expansion plans despite the sports world in upheaval. According to The Wall Street Journal, the funding round was led by new backers CoVenture and GPS Investment Partners, with participation from existing investors.

The WAVE.tv earlier reported it increased viewership and doubled monthly revenue since March 2021 by partly focusing on non-mainstream sports as well as off-the-field videos featuring athletes and fans.

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More Surprises: Courtney Shields and Ishaan Sutaria are Engaged

Indeed, Courtney Shields and her boyfriend are engaged. The lifestyle and fashion blogger took to her Instagram to post a series of pictures from her special day. On the caption, Courtney wrote,

“They say when you know, you know. I wasn’t really convinced that was a thing until I met you. I knew somewhere during our first coffee date that you were special. We fell in love on the 6th date (that’s when I knew *we were special) and you told me you were going to marry me on our 7th.”

courtney shields boyfriend ishaan sutaria engaged

Ishaan Sutaria proposed to his girlfriend, Courtney Shields, on May 8, 2021. Photo Source: Courtney, Instagram

Shields continued,

“I can’t believe you took me to Brooklyn where my dad grew up to propose, you fucking beautiful genius :). I couldn’t think of a less cheesy way to say this, but this was the easiest yes.”

The lifestyle blogger further wrote,

“You’re hands down the most brilliant, kind, thoughtful, interesting person I know. Thank you for loving my sassy attitude, my heart, my drive, how my mind works. Thanks for letting Kins have all the mozzarella even though you wanted some, for reading the most books and knowing she’s* special.”

Lastly, Courtney said,

“Mostly, thank you for making me a believer in deep, true, best friend. soulmate kind of love. Ps. I like your beard and I’m excited for our life.”

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