Did Bella Thorne Scam OnlyFans Subscribers?

Did Bella Thorne Scam OnlyFans Subscribers

Learn the complete details of Bella Thorne’s OnlyFans controversy.

We were all astounded when we learned Bella Thorne had pulled in $2 million since she first joined OnlyFans.

Several of her subscribers, however, suspect her of trying to scam them and are requesting refunds. And now Bella is accused of ruining the platform.

First of all, the fundamentals: OnlyFans is a subscription platform for mature content. This can mean tasteful nudity or extreme porn with several women, or just some pretty modeling images.

The central premise is you pay a subscription charge regularly, and you get to see everything the content owner is dining out.

Many of the users of OnlyFans appear to be people who are not popular. Strippers, cam girls, and other sex workers take advantage of the platform to display their physique in photographs and videos for subscribers.

OnlyFans grew in prominence this year, but the reason behind it is unfortunate — so many people lost their employment after the pandemic and wanted to make a change.

There are several famous celebrities on OnlyFans, including some 90 Day Fiance actors. In a profoundly confusing move, Dorinda Medley launched the OnlyFans account. However, she continues to bring followers up to date with her day-to-day lives, not to post her nudity.

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Aaron Carter is one of the only individuals on OnlyFans to be both famous and nude. That’s right — Aaron’s group is optional when it comes to clothing.

But so far, no one’s success has quite matched as Bella Thorne’s on OnlyFans ever since she created a page. Just days earlier, the almost-23-year-old signed up and was overwhelmed by fans.

For the (relatively moderate) subscription price of $20 a month, fans were expecting a fresh look at Bella. Over 89,000 followers have signed up to follow her on the platform.

Subscriptions are not the only means content owners can earn revenue. They will also get tips, for which there are easy options. Creators may offer PPV as well.

Bella has now raised an impressive $2 million from OnlyFans, and it’s been less than a week. As a result, there were lots of rumors circulating in the online sex work department who see a star once again exploiting a money-making platform that they require to thrive.

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Others, though, admired Bella for putting herself out and using her appearance to pull in so much money.

But how much bang do Bella’s subscribers receive for their buck? This is when the success story of Bella starts to go downward. With 27 pictures and eight clips, is she doing a cam job or only showing a stylish nude? Is she sharing complete scenes with partners?

As it turns out, there’s nothing like that. In reality, as many loyal fans soon began to note, a lot of her images seem to be old ones she shared on Instagram.

These subscribers — large enough to fill their entire small town — are spending $20 a month for … a second Instagram? Apparently, it’s getting worse, as Bella recently released a $200 PPV (pay-per-view post) claiming it featured complete nudity.

Much to the disappointment of fans, it wasn’t the promised nude photoset.

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As per sex workers sharing their latest horror story on Twitter, several people are requesting refunds from Bella forcing OnlyFans to adjust their policies.

Now, OnlyFans creators are no longer able to charge above $50 for some PPV content. And they should no longer be tipped over $100—precautions that seem to be placed to restrict how much OnlyFans would have to compensate if refunds are needed.

Worst of all, the makers of OnlyFans usually have to wait seven days to get charged out of what viewers pay or tip.

They were confirmed to have been told this week they would now have to wait 30 days for these payments. This ensures thousands of sex workers, many of whom are financially insecure, would have to wait much longer until they have exposure to a source of revenue.

No one believes Bella Thorne has set out to destroy the life of sex workers or to push them into increasingly risky lines of work amid a lethal pandemic. But the rage is genuine, and this has shaken the universe of OnlyFans.

It’s not clear if Bella can come from all this unscathed, so many people are devastated and enraged — and as much as we’ve respected Bella in the past, we can’t fault them.

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