Miley Cyrus Confirms to Bring Back Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus Confirms to Bring Back Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus shares that she would like to resurrect the role of Hannah Montana at a point, and she’s already hinted at us the possibilities!

If you’ve been following Miley then you might’ve definitely heard gossips last year over Hannah Montana prequel at Disney+. Cyrus herself confirmed fans that Ms. Montana was about to be back!

Well, before it was unsure ‘if’ she would return, but as recently confirmed by Miley, it’s now ‘when’ she will be back. Yes, Miley is for sure, coming back. 

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As with interview with Carolina With Freg T In The Morning, the 27 years old, actress/singer shared, 

You know what, honestly, I try to put that wig on all the time. She’s just in storage collecting dust, and I’m ready to whip her out. The opportunity will present itself. I definitely would like to resurrect her at some point.

With the jolly news, the ‘Best of Both World’ hitmakers shared, she’s kinda stuck in 2008 and will go shopping with Miss Hannah. 

So, what are the odds? Suppose Disney agrees to reboot the series with Miley’s. In that case, there’s also a possibility of Disney+ not to premiere it due to Miley’s 2013 ‘Wrecking Ball ‘ evolution and not being “family-friendly.” 


Nevertheless, Miley is returning to the TV world, and that’s really exciting. “I’d love to do a series again. I think it would be hard for me to get locked into a sound stage for a couple of years, but that’s sometime in the future, and hopefully, I’m directing it.” 

Our Fingers are crossed, for now; hope to see her as Hannah Montana again. Hope you enjoyed, for more Popbuzz articles, visit Still A Bae.