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Edward Centeno Breakup with Girlfriend Nicole Land! Learn Why!

Edward Centeno and Nicole Land Breaks Up

Grab all details of Youtuber Edward Centeno breakup with girlfriend Nicole Land along with her biography and net worth.

For those unaware, Edward Centeno is one of the popular social media star who initially gained prominence from the number one multimedia platform YouTube. Edward started his career posting videos since July 2017 and as of now, he is one of the popular face in the influencer’s community.

With that recently the news regarding Edward Centeno breakup with YouTuber Nicole Land has been buzzing all over Internet. So inorder to learn what’s really cooking and answer your queries below we have presented you with the facts.

Edward Centeno Breakup with Nicole Land

If you guys have seen Edward recent TikTok live then you might have already seen how broken Edward as he was literally crying in the TikTok live. And it sure does break our heart too as he was begging if there by any means a way for them to patch up.

Watch: Edward Centeno On Live Explaining His Breakup W/ Nicole

The most generous thing his loving fans who showering him with take care TikTok gifts felt was the honesty and loyalty from Edward side that touched all of us. Edward also easily shared that he was going to give her the equal amount of share from their channel Arcade Craniacs..

For more details about heir breakup you guys can check out the clip from Edward TikTok Live. Nikki was the one who decided to break their relationship. And regarding their split, Centeno has not shared any details.

Who is Ex-Girlfriend Nikki Land?

For those unaware, Nicole “Nikki” Land, also popular as Crime O’ Clock is an American YouTuber who makes clips on crime and vlogging. She runs her own Self-Titled YouTube channel NIKKI LAND with 370k subscribers.

Edward Centeno Broke up with Nikki Land

The Breakup is from Nikki side. (Image source: @centeno_ )

Besides she is also part of another Amazing 2.92 million subscribers filled YouTube channel Arcade Craniacs. As per reports from NoxInfluencer, Nikki Land channel earns minimum of $2,651 monthly ,where her sponsorship price is estimated to be around $2,081 each post.

Nicole Nikki Land was born on November 22, 1998, and is currently 22 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is popular for horror contents on YouTube.

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And when it comes to her personal information such as father and mother there seem to be not much information available on the Internet.

How Much is Edward Centeno Net Worth?

Edward Centeno net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. And behind his income is calculated from his YouTube and TikTok earnings. Edward only earning is from his YouTube channel Arcade Craniacs which earns $48,470 least per month, and $10,748 per sponsorship.

And similarly, Edward is also on TikTok via which he is making a good amount of money from his 5.9 million filled subscribers and 502k followers filled Instagram account. And if you are a popular on TikTok & Instagram are also one of the best digital platform to earn money.

Is Edward Dead?

No the rumors regarding Edward death are not true. The 29 years old social media influencer is healthy with no medical problems. However, he is currently disappointed from his tragic breakup with longtime girlfriend Nicole Nikki Land.

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