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Friends Star Courteney Cox is Returning to TV with New Horror Comedy

Friends Star Courteney Cox is Returning to TV with New Horror Comedy

Courteney Cox, one of the most famous personalities in the sitcom world, is making a comeback to small screens with a new horror-comedy titled Shining Vale.

Courteney Cox, best known as the immensely popular character Monica Geller on Friends, is scheduled to return to television in a new show that has been scooped up by Starz.

Shining Vale is a smart, chilling, and funny horror-comedy in which Cox portrays the character of Patricia Phelps. The inaugural season consists of eight episodes of 30 minutes each.

Starz recently posted the first-look shot of Courteney Cox and the rest of the cast, which displays the actress in action standing beside her brand new on-screen family.

Shining Vale is a new series produced by Jeff Astrof and Sharon Horgan about an impaired family that relocates from the big city to a small town. A lot of terrible things happened in their new home in the past, but no one cares and takes notice with the exception of Pat.

Cox depicts a changed character who used to live recklessly and without care. She rose to prominence after publishing a women’s empowerment book revolving around her encounters, and she now believes she is suffering from depression or getting possessed.

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The family adjusts their way of life in an effort to save Pat and Terry’s (Greg Kinnear) relationship. Pat cheated on Terry with a young maintenance guy, putting a strain on their marriage. When Pat steps into this new location, she will be compelled to face her demons.

Starz president Christina Davis said in a statement:

Shining Vale is a smart, chilling and funny series that tells the story of a family in turmoil who is suddenly living with a paranormal who helps Courteney Cox’s character get her groove back as she starts to question her own sanity.

She added,

This group of talented actors, executive producers and director blends comedy and horror brilliantly throughout this series which exemplifies the network’s commitment to improve female representation on and off the screen.

The release date for Shining Vale is yet to be announced.

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