‘General Hospital’ Star Maurice Benard Talks About Retirement

Sep 6, 2020 @ 18:41 GMT+0000
'General Hospital' Star Maurice Benard Talks About Retirement

General Hospital’s Maurice Bernard is in no mood to retire anytime soon.

Presumably, for years, General Hospital lead cast Maurice Benard, better known as Sonny, was telling castmate Steve Burton (Jason) he will retire and, sort of “hand over the crown.”

However, in a recent interview with Hollywood Hi, Benard said,

These last four months have made me go, ‘I’m not sure about retirement.’

The actor added,

When you’re creative, you have to create… You’ve got to stay busy.

And for him, it means not just sticking to the adorable Instagram of Buddy and his other goats. (They are pretty sweet, though.)

The 57-year-old went on to claim he was contemplating quitting the show at the age of 63 or 64, only to hear from Burton the retirement age nowadays is more like 65 or 67. “Oh, it is?” Benard said. “Maybe I should wait. Wow.”

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Surely, General Hospital is going to be able to keep the soap icon occupied.

Though he recently shared some tongue-in-cheek comments about ABC soap, probably re-uniting Sonny’s missus with her ex-husband Jax (“Oh please,” he groaned), another of his female stars — Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)—just happens to be on the lookout for a new on-screen romantic interest.

“Step right up,” she joked with the male cast of the show. “Mamma is waiting for you! “(RIP, Neil.)

In other news, Mike’s condition is worsening in ‘General Hospital’ sneak peek for next week.

In an exclusive first glance at the ABC Daytime Drama’s new teaser, we see the return of Aunt Stella, played by Vernee Watson, a social worker who politely tells Sonny (Maurice Benard) Mike’s situation is getting worse.

When GH returned with fresh episodes, merely a month ago, Sonny was by his father’s side, as he struggled to let his father go while he did not want him to be in agony either.

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Frank Valentini, GH, executive producer, told TV Insider:

It’s been a really terrific story for us that just continues to ‘three-dimensionalize’ in ways because of the actors’ performances. Principally because of Max — he’s such an extraordinary performer.

The producer continued,

And one of the big surprises that we’re going to have is that we’re going to have some very, very moving emotional scenes…where you see a little bit of what it would have been like if Mike had not succumbed to Alzheimer’s. I think that’s going to be really powerful for the audience to see.

GH has used the heart-rending narrative approach of ‘what might have been’ in the past. When Oscar (Garren Stitt) was on the verge of death last year, GH made a sequence of dream scenes that revealed what it would have been like if he had gone into remission with some sort of a miracle.

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