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Godzilla vs. Kong – Who Won the Fight? The Director Explains!

Godzilla vs. Kong - Who Won the Fight? The Director Explains!

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard explains who came out victorious in the epic battle between the two titans.

Director Adam Wingard stated in the run-up to the premiere of Godzilla vs. Kong that there’s gonna be a clear, undisputed winner. However, no such conclusion was made by the time the titanic battle left utter wreckage on Hong Kong at the end of the thrilling third act showdown.

They conveniently dodged this after the titular Titans quickly placed their disputes aside in order to join forces against the mutual threat of Mechagodzilla, earning deep respect for each other as a result.

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As the movie ended, Godzilla had sunk back into the sea, and Kong remained standing on dry ground, leaving both legendary monsters alive to fight again.

Obviously, Warner Bros. and Legendary weren’t about to kill off any of MonsterVerse’s key selling points particularly because the collaboration is on track to surpass $400 million worldwide so far and ultimately surpassed Bad Boys for Life‘s $426 million collections to become the highest-earning Hollywood blockbuster launched since the start of 2020.

However, during a recent Reddit AMA, Adam Wingard attempted to settle the controversy once and for all, even if he did somewhat contradicted himself by calling each of them triumphant in separate ways.

Godzilla def won. He killed Kong. Kong was revived. I consider the Mecha battle was outside of that. As they say: Godzilla won the fight, Kong won the movie.

Fans have been discussing who prevailed since Godzilla vs. Kong debuted in theaters and on HBO Max several weeks ago, so the director of the movie was never going to put a stop to the debate by naming a definitive winner.

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This is in line with the film’s massive momentum amid the persistent COVID-19 pandemic that has only gotten people more eager than ever to see the studio continue the Monsterverse!

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