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Why Was Hellcat Arrested by FBI? Is He in Jail?

Grab all details of rapper Hellcat’s arrest. Why was the Philadelphian rapper raided by the FBI? 

Recently the internet has been buzzing with the news of the 35 years old rapper Hellcat being raided by the FBI and his property being seized by properties.

Why Was Hellcat Arrested? Is He in Jail?

Bill Omar Carrasquillo aka Hellcat is a YouTuber and Musical Artist who was recently raided by the CBI. Well, to clear things up, Hellcat was not arrested for any criminal charge.

Omi In A Hellcat | Before They Were Famous | Loses Everything After FBI Raid

Though there is no post of him being arrested on his YouTube or Instagram. The 35 years old was arrested for tax fraud, illegal use of copyright-protected channels, and using copyright sounds on his contents. Adding on he was also charged for violation of various copyright laws.

The FBI took away all his stuff like laptops, SD cards, television, camera, and more.  And when we overview the case from the Hellcat side, the Quality Control rapper denies the accusations.

Hellcat claims that everything out there was legal which he made through his construction business and YouTube channel. As of now Hellcat is not in jail but is battling to prove him clean and fighting back for his property.

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Last modified: August 16, 2021