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‘I Hate Suzie’ Star Billie Piper Stars in the Longest Masturbation Scene in British TV History

'I Hate Suzie' Star Billie Piper Stars in the Longest Masturbation Scene in British TV History

Billie Piper’s solo sex scene appears to have smashed British TV records.

Billie Piper’s masturbation shot in I Hate Suzie reportedly smashed the record for the most extended solo sex scene on British small screens, as per the latest reports.

In the fourth episode of I Hate Suzie – where Piper (who serves as the co-writer of the show alongside Lucy Prebble) plays an ex-pop star turned sci-fi actor whose reputation is about to be elevated by being cast as a Disney princess before her life takes a turn when her nude images are leaked by a hacker – the star breaks fresh ground with one touching scene, quite literally.

Suzie can be seen pleasing herself in bed, with The Sun claiming the moment that lasted 7 minutes and 4 seconds is the longest masturbation scene on UK television history.

A source told the paper,

It’s not often women are shown on telly enjoying themselves, well, solo. So frankly it makes a refreshing change to see such a long and animated scene like this one. Billie co-wrote the series and was determined to show women doing it for themselves.

And fans certainly enjoyed a candid peek at pleasure, with one denying the suggestion that one should view the scene as pornography.

They wrote on Twitter,

why is everyone talking about the 7 minute masturbation scene in i hate suzie like it’s just pure pornography ? it’s an exploration of her characters psyche and sexual identity and the sexual relationship she’s had with men since a young age ? (sic).

Another fan was full of praises for the scene:

Episode 4 of I Hate Suzie is soooo good! Such a realistic and important exploration of female desire, masturbation, fantasy! This show is brilliant, Lucy Prebble knocked it out of the park.

The script is not autobiographical, but Piper recently talked about the reality that it draws on aspects of her life, including her struggles with anxiety, telling Glamour she didn’t realize she had anxiety until seven years ago.

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In fact, she had always seen herself as a cool kid. “And maybe that was true – my mum says that I was a sort of sunny, happy child,” Billie adds.

The actress continues,

But I think I’m just coming to terms with the fact that I actually have quite acute anxiety, and I know I managed that as a kid. Also, nobody was talking about it, so you couldn’t name it, and therefore it can often go unnoticed. I was like an obsessive cleaner when I was a kid, in a way that’s beyond normal.

When it comes to the incredibly intimate scenes, however, Piper follows the likes of Toni Collette, who merely two years ago became the first actor to perform a female orgasm on BBC One in Wanderlust.

Speaking of her role as Joy Richards, the actress said:

Someone told me I was the first woman to have an orgasm on the BBC… and I’m happy to take the accolade.

Talking to Radio Times, she stated:

It’s so honest and fresh in the way the women are portrayed. To be a middle-aged woman, to be in a long-term relationship and to be alive, dealing with a lot of things – it’s tough. Certainly, a middle-aged woman’s sense of self-esteem, of sexuality, is not often talked about.

The way things seem to be going, with more projects throwing light on female enjoyment, we’re likely to witness more of this innovative material in our storytelling.

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Last modified: May 2, 2021