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Indiana Jones 5 Criticism – James Mangold Asks to Reserve Judgement till After the Movie Comes Out


James Mangold is an acclaimed director who redeemed Wolverine from the god-awful Origins movie and gave us one of the best R-rated movies of all time in Logan. He is also the director tasked with helming Indiana Jones 5, a continuation of the decades old franchise starring Harrison Ford. We are still over a year removed from the film’s release date and with online criticism mounting, James asked for some patience.

Indiana Jones 5 is the continuation of the Dr. Henry Jones Jr. story that was started back in 2021 with Raiders of the Lost Ark. Raiders is considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made and subsequent outing of the Indiana Jones franchise has been judged through the iconic lens of the first film. It was also one of the reasons why Kingdom of the Crystal Skull got some lukewarm receptions and you can bet almost similar will be the case for the fifth installment.

With Harrison Ford returning as the iconic hero, Indiana Jones 5 was in development for a long time. After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the film rights reverted to the Mouse House and picked up full steam after Steven Spielberg came back to direct. But soon the director chose to remain only the producer of the film with James Mangold coming in to sit on the hotseat. All of the behind the scenes changes and also the leaked pictures led come fans to criticize the movie which James did not like as much.

James Mangold Sounds Off on Early Indiana Jones 5 Criticism

The culture we live in now is focused on elevating who amongst us is the most offended by any given situation. Social media has made everything feel instant for everyone and that means instant reaction to everything that happens in the word. But the cream of the crop are movie fans who thing watching a film in their childhood means they own the whole thing.

Constant diminishing of new things happening to old franchises is common now. Still, people find different ways to show their mean behaviors. For a movie that has not even been released yet, a movie we know little to nothing about, still managed to get some butt hurt fans angry over the age of Harrison Ford, set photos and Indiana Jones 5 not being as good as Raiders.

For these entitled group nothing will ever be better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. James Mangold knows that and considering the extremely polarized world we live in right now, there is no way he is going to be able to convince everyone. But despite the entitled a-holes foaming at the mouth, ready to infect him with their hateful tendencies, the director says he is trying his best to honor legacy.

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James Mangold is not Steven Spielberg, everyone knows that, but he did make Best Picture Oscar nominated movies Logan and Ford Vs. Ferrari. Mr. Mangold is no slouch and his team is also top notch, but most of the hate appears to be centered around the involvement of Kathleen Kennedy. Kennedy is a divisive figure among the fanbase but the director defended her and Spielberg as being “all on his side.”

Addressing the criticism, James Mangold wrote, “I understand wariness, I live it. I don’t know if I’ll make you happy but my team and I will knock ourselves out trying to make something good. We admire the craft of the originals. I hope when you see real images, they’ll look better to you than paparazzi shots from bushes.”

Then he proceeded to ask for some calmness, allowing the film to be released first. He explained further on Twitter, “Maybe, just maybe, I won’t let you down. I cherish old Hollywood pictures. Give me a little air to make the film. Then make your judgements, okay?” It is safe to say James Mangold is not a fan of the outrage culture and toxic fandom that surrounds beloved properties of the past.

For all those triggered people who have no clue what the movie is even about, complaining right now, just wait till 29 July 2022. Watch the movie and thing talk bad about the film, at least then you may come off as a little sane person.

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Last modified: June 17, 2021