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Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Reveal Flashbacks and Stunt Preparation for Harrison Ford!


After years of delays, hesitancy and side movements, film is finally rolling on an Indiana Jones 5 movie with Harrison Ford returning as the iconic treasure hunting, Nazi fighting professor. The shooting has begun in the UK with on-location filming resulting in some leaked set photos. While story cannot be discerned from a few pictures, it appears the fifth installment will have some flashbacks for the titular character.

The last time we saw Dr. Henry Jones Jr. in action was more than a decade ago when Kingdom of the Crystal Skull divided critics and fans alike. After Disney got the rights to the franchise, they indicated a similar level of commitment to the franchise as they were showing with Star Wars. But despite attempts to reboot, continue or tell a prequel story, nothing really stuck until Steven Spielberg came on board to get the ball rolling.

While Spielberg has stepped down as the director, allowing James Mangold to take the reins, the beloved director is still around as a producer. The film is running at full throttle now with some high-profile actors supporting Harrison Ford. While not much is known about the story or the year of the movie, recently leaked set photos does seem to reveal a flashback baked into the story and also how the production is planning to deal with action scenes involving Harrison Ford.

Masks, Stunts, and Flashbacks – Indiana Jones 5 Set Photo Leak

Harrison Ford is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood history. He has led two multi-billion-dollar franchises in his career and many other top grossing action or drama movies. Among the characters he has played over the years, Indiana Jones is the most iconic and probably the greatest action hero of all time.

From his whip to a no-nonsense not-so-graceful but effective rough and tumble fighting style, being Indiana Jones means a lot of physical exertion. At 78-years of age Harrison Ford is not a spry young man anymore which means much of the action will need to be handled by stunt doubles. In the past Harrison has broken his leg (Star Wars sequel trilogy) on set, so it is a sensible decision to use a stunt double.

According to the leaked set image, action sequences involving Harrison Ford are being carried out by a stunt double. The Han Solo actor is not Tom Cruise hanging himself from the side of plane, so a stunt double is not a big surprise. But the way the production is using mask instead of CGI is a little bit of a surprise. Considering fans have horrific memories of terrible CGI in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so some semblance of practicality is definitely welcome.

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The mask worn by the stunt double is also unique because it is not a mask of an old Harrison Ford. It appears we will be getting some kind of flashback in Indiana Jones 5 featuring the titular character involved in some action. The leaked images show Indy in a uniform, it looks like a German officer’s uniform, while he sits on a bike, surrounded by other soldiers in black, in an open field.

Maybe the flashback scene will provide some background on the adventure Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is setting off to. Or something important and revealing about the hero, we have all known for decades, is brought to light in the scene. Without having a clue for the story, there is little way of discerning which way the supposed flashback will slot.

It has been revealed in the past that Indiana Jones 5 will be the last film featuring Harrison Ford as the fedora wearing action hero. There are some lose story threads to tie up for the iconic character and we hope the fifth installment will do just that. Also, it will be interesting to see how they avoid the topic of Indiana’s son.

As for Disney, there have been talks of a reboot to the franchise. Chris Pratt has been floated as a possible candidate to take the whip and fedora but a cinematic reboot will have all the fans up in arms. Maybe they can create a TV show for Disney Plus, chronicling the younger days of the beloved character. But for now, Indiana Jones 5, releasing on 29 July 2022, is where it all ends for the four-decade old franchise.

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Last modified: June 8, 2021