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Is Daniel Johns Gay? Singer’s Sexuality Explained!

Is singer Daniel Johns gay

Grab all details of Singer Daniel Johns gay rumors, his past relationship with ex wife Natalie Imbruglia relationship. ⁵

Many of you might recognize Daniels Johns as Australian singer and songwriter who is also popular from his band Silverchair.

Over the time there has been a lot of rumors swirling around Daniel Johns being gay! So inorder to learn the real facts, ahead we present you with all the details,

No Daniel Johns is Not Gay & Formerly Married

Yes, you heard the truth. Even thou there are lots of rumors swirling regarding Daniel being gay, however, they are just rumors.

Daniel kissing his ex-wife Natalie Imbruglia. (Image Source: Twitter)

And talking about the Miss You Love hitmaker relationship, he was formerly married to Natalie Imbruglia back in 1999.

And there are also numerous evidences of the couple kissing each other which marks the Cool on Fire singer Daniel Johns sexuality being straight and not gay.

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However, looking at the 42 years old New South Wales singer body postures, it seems girly, which is why fans assumed he was gay.

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Last modified: October 20, 2021