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Is Post Malone Gay?

Is Post Malone Gay

Grab the facts behind platinum hit artist and pop sensation Post Malone gay rumors and his past relationship.

Being a celebrity is a tough thing as we often misinterpret thinking all the luxury and happiness to pop in once we get into the limelight. But in reality, people are scratching off tiny details about you and even noticing the subtle things about you.

In a similar way, over time, Posty fans as well critics from the music fans seem to be curious to learn about the relationship and sexual identity of the Rockstar hitmaker. And to bring you with the real facts, and to clear the fog regarding Post Malone sexual identity, ahead we present you with all the details,

Is Post Malone Gay?

A lot of fans seem to come with the assumptions of the 26 years old rapper/singer Post Malone being gay mostly because of the body postures like ‘Limp Wrist’, ‘Action’ he poses in his musical concert, and shows.

Post Malone Gay

No Post Malone is straight and not gay. (Image Source: Instagram)

But in reality, Malone is straight and not gay. What we call gay posture has been one of the greatest styles performed by some of the prominent singers, so, anything he does on the stage is simply his unique way of styling.

With that, you might also be asking for more evidence that proves that Post Malone is not gay, right! Well, some of Malone’s past affairs, relationship, and dating life clearly tell that he is straight.

Post Malone is Dating Korean Rapper MLMA

Yes, you head it right. The American singer is speculated to be dating Korean rapper MLMA as per reports from Capital Xtra. Their relationship was confirmed after Malone posted and MLMA shared some cuddling snaps together.

Post Malone new girlfriend MLMA

Love is in the Air. (Image Source: Instagram)

However, Post Malone and MLMA which stands for Me Love Me a Lot, are yet to make their relationship official. If you are more interested in Posty new girlfriend you can check out her Instagram handle @melovemealot and TikTok handle @melovemealot555.

Prior to that the Sunflower singer also dated American music promoter, Ashlen Diaz. The former couple dated for three years before they broke up in November 2018. Thou the couple are yet to share the reason behind their split, they were in a serious public relation for three years which proves that he was not gay.

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Last modified: September 26, 2021