Is La Mante Based on a True Story? The Netflix Shows' Influence 3 Years Later

Sep 26, 2020 @ 17:55 GMT+0000
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Is La Mante Based on a True Story? The Netflix Shows' Influence 3 Years Later

The great thing about Netflix is that you stumble upon a show you did not expect every once in a while. This weekend La Mante appeared on my home screen, and I was intrigued by the show's story. It is no wonder that people are asking if La Mante is based on a true story.

La Mante was released almost three years ago. The French murder mystery/thriller debuted in September of 2017 on French TV and later moved to Netflix in December of the same year. The show was met with good reviews and audience reactions, and people also wondered if the show was based on a true story.

What is La Mante About? Plot Details of the French Hit Series

Netflix show La Mante follows a serial killer who was caught 20 years ago. As a new copycat starts committing similar murders, French police go back to the original killer to ask her help in apprehending the culprit.

Jeanne Deber, aka The Mantis, murdered six people over 20 years ago. All of the men she murdered were rapists, molesters, but still, she was caught and put in solitary confinement for over 20 years. But when a copycat appears on the scene, the police ask for her help, but she has one little stipulation.

Before Jeanne went to prison, she had a son. Her son decided to become a police officer and cut her off his life due to her actions. When the police ask for Jeanne's help, The Mantis proposes one simple wrinkle; her son will work with her in the case.

In the six-episode long La Mante season 1, the mother-son duo goes after the killer. She doesn't care if they find the killer; all she wants is to be near her son, he doesn't want anything to do with her, and this dynamic makes the show a great watch.

I am still in the earlier half of the show, but considering how it is going so far, it appears to be one hell of a fun ride. It is also a nice gender swap, a female serial killer who didn't kill for her lust, but for justice, she thought those men deserved. The plot and the spin in the genre were what most critics and audiences gravitated towards.

Critical Reception of La Mante Netflix Series

After the show premiered and finished airing on French TV, La Mante made its way to the streaming platform. The show was met with good to great critical reception and welcome reception from fans worldwide.

Rosie Knight of the Nerdist found the show "chilling and engaging." Simultaneously, Jade Budowski of Decider asked people to avoid spoilers and enjoy the amazing performances on screen. The same sentiments were echoed in other reviews, but Jessica J Appleby was not impressed with how the show ended and the underlying hate she thinks the show promotes.

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There is no Rotten Tomatoes score for the show. Some critics have reviewed the show, but there is not enough sample size for a score. But you can find some audience reviews on the site. Also, La Mante has a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb with close to 10,000 reviews.

Is La Mante Based on a True Story?

La Mante on Netflix is not based on a true story, it sure feels like it.La Mante on Netflix is not based on a true story, it sure feels like it.
Source: IMDb

The simple answer to that question is, no, the show La Mante is not based on a true story. It sure seems like the thriller series is a Netflix documentary about some real events that happened two-three decades ago, though.

Visceral feel, modern aesthetics, and documentary type feel give the impression that La Mante is based on a true story. But it is just the brilliance of the people involved in the making of the show.

La Mante is not based on a true story; it is an amazing fictional thriller that needed a second season. But it seems the series's creators were happy with a single season to tie up all the story threads in a neat bow. La Mante is currently streaming on Netflix.

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