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Are the Rumors About Jacob Clynick Death From Vaccine True?

Jacob-Clynick Obituary

Every detail you need to know about Jacob Clynick’s death and answer to question like did he die from the COVID vaccine? Jacob’s medical condition and more.

If you are scrolling social media often then you might well know the 13 years old Jacob Clynick’s tragic demise. And as there are rumors swirling that Jacob died due to a toxic reaction from the COVID vaccine, ahead we present you with all the facts.

Who is Jacob Clynick?

Jacob Clynick is a teenager from Michigan who died on June 16 from cardiac arrest. Jacob’s death was pronounced via his family member who released his obituary. Jacob left the world on gloomy June 16, 2021, at his home.

Who is Jacob Clynick?

Late Jacob Clynick Short Bio.
Image Source: Twitter

Jacob was born on 2008, August 2 and shares two siblings Gage Clynick, and Cayden Clynick. He was 13 years old during his sudden death and was also an active member of the church. He was fond of cartoons and loved to play video games.

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And according to Obituaries In Saginaw – Michigan’s obituary is scheduled to take place on June 16, 2021, where his family members and close friends are invited. His demise has not just shocked millions of people and medical representatives but also made the entire medical team research more on the vaccine side effects.

Jacob Clynick Obituary – What was the Cause of His Death?

Jacob Clynick passed from inflammation of heart muscle so-called Myocarditis. And there are also speculations of Jacob’s death being due to the COVID vaccine. There are assumptions that the vaccine might have killed young Clynick as the postmortem reports show some fluids filled near his heart in his autopsy.

Cause of Jacob Clynick 's Death?

Jacob’s aunt’s viral post accusing the second dose of vaccine for his death.
Image Source: Twitter (@Tami Burages)

Clynick was vaccinated on June 13 for the second dose, three days before his demise. Thou his family members actively aunt and some medical representatives claim he died from vaccine side-effects, the medical team is yet to comment on the accusation. However, analyzing some medical expert’s feedbacks the vaccine shows a high possibility of his death.

What gone is gone and we cannot change the past rather should grab the lesson to be cautious when to take vaccine i.e. by opening up about all our medical conditions before vaccinating.’

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We express our deepest condolence for the late Jacob Clynick and his family in such melancholy. May his departed soul rest in peace in heaven. For more news & updates make sure to bookmark BAE Magazine.


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