James Gunn Answers Suicide Squad 3 Possibility Question!

Feb 2, 2021 @ 18:57 GMT+0000

Suicide Squad was one of the biggest missteps for Warner Bros. when the star-studded movie was released in 2016. The film was so severely panned by critics and most fans that possibilities of the Suicide Squad 2 flew out of the window. Now James Gunn is reviving the franchise and he also wrote about the sequel potential of his movie.

James Gunn was a little known director when he was hired to director wonky Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Then he proceeded to make a mind-blowing blockbuster featuring a group of characters no one had even heard about. He went on to direct a sequel which was equally successful and circumstances got him to Suicide Squad.

Warner Bros. was looking to reboot the franchise and James stepped in to take on the villainous outfit. The film is now done filming with only the release left on the schedule, and there were obviously going to be talks about a possible sequel. So, James answered a fan’s question revealing the future of the franchise.

Suicide Squad 3 – Could There Be a Sequel?

the-suicide-squad-hbo-max-james-gunnThe Suicide Squad is coming soon. James Gunn talks about possible Suicide Squad 3.
Image Source: James Gunn Instagram

The release date for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 is still far away. There has not even been a proper trailer for the movie so some may find the talk of a sequel a little premature. Considering the utter disarray cinemas are in right now, we do not even know the barometer for a sequel in these modern times.

In the past it was simple, if your movie made more than 2.5 times the budget then there was a chance a sequel was coming. Now with the cinema receipts shrinking drastically and most studios trying to go the route of streaming, it will take a while to figure out which films were profitable enough to warrant a sequel.

Warner Bros. themselves are in a struggle with filmmakers right now after they declared their movies will be released on the same day in streaming and in theatres. Suicide Squad was not listed in the initial plan of release but that is the route WarnerMedia is headed.

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With no certainty in the future of large budget movies, it would be premature to think about sequels. But fans will be fans, no matter the changing landscape of the way we consume cinema, there is no stopping fans with their questions.

And towards the end of January, one of the fans asked James Gunn a question about the possibilities of more Suicide Squad spinoffs. The question read, “Do you have any ideas for more suicide squad spin-offs?” and the director replied with a one-word answer “Yes.”

The single word answer can be interpreted as more than just an affirmation to the question. There is no need for the director to go about making spinoff movies when he can do sequels for the main franchise. This is where we think James Gunn is hinting at more than just spinoff.

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If critics and fans somewhat like this new version of Suicide Squad there is a chance Suicide Squad 3 is getting made. James Gunn obviously has his plates full with superhero movies, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is where he is headed next and then he could make Suicide Squad 3.

The Suicide Squad will be released on 6 August 2021. Also, keep your ears to the ground, there is a possibility we might hear about Suicide Squad 3 coming soon. Also, a spinoff series starring John Cena called Peacemaker is coming to HBO Max.

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