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The Low Standards DC Movies are Held to and Lauded For


From the moment Nick Fury popped at the end credit of Iron Man to talk about the Avengers initiative, there has been growing war between DC and Marvel fans. While Marvel rode success one movie at a time, DC films have been start-stop, and the films from Warner Bros. are reaping the benefits of mediocrity, by being lauded for low standard outings.

While DC is benefiting from its own mediocrity, Marvel is suffering from success. Every move made by Marvel is questioned, dissected, and criticized while DC gets plaudits for releasing middle of the road movies. The low bar is so easy for DC to cross, movies like Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman are considered great.

And if the movies are really horrible, fans clamor to see a director’s cut, like the people making the movies are Ridley Scott or Stanley Kubrick. Nothing is going to make BVS or Justice League or even Suicide Squad a better movie and everyone needs to stop holding DC movies to a low standard.

Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman are Bad Movies – There, I said it!

wonder-woman-2-is-bad-dc-marvelWonder Woman 2 is a bad movie, lauded by critics for all the wrong reasons.
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After over 20 movies in their stable MCU has its share of mediocre films (Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor: Dark World). They had bad movies, and quickly Kevin Feige moved on to the next movie on the schedule. And with each movie, the expectation for Marvel movies are shifted further and further forward while DC gets to keep Green Lantern as their benchmark.

Yes, if you are a success and an innovator, more should be expected from you, but the playing rules should not be different. Middle of the road movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 are considered bad but Aquaman is a good movie even though it is a story meld between Tony Stark and Thor.

Aquaman is an average origin movie with a stupid villain, good acting, and some noteworthy CGI, the same things Doctor Strange‘s detractors were saying. While Strange is a “meh” movie for MCU, Aquaman is treated as the greatest thing created on the face of the earth.

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The same is the case with Wonder Woman 2, it was a bad movie with a “save Martha” level of stupidity but since it is a female-led superhero movie, no one is allowed to speak badly about Wonder Woman 2. Yes, I said it, Wonder Woman 2 got all those glowing reviews because some of the critics did not want to be seen as politically incorrect.

The same is the case for Captain Marvel, let’s not pretend that was Brie Larson at her finest. If you have seen Short Term ’12 you know Captain Marvel was a horrible outing and some critics had their say on the formulaic nature of the movie. While Wonder Woman 2 gets called “a movie we need.”

Zhuri in her movie stealing role in Black Panther was better than Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Still, the DC version enjoys continued praise while Marvel gets the short end of the stick by institutional reviewers who are stuck in the 80s and 90s.

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The first Wonder Woman movie was a masterpiece, except for the third act. It was a brilliant movie that deserved all the credit. But things are a little different when Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman are concerned. There are two sets of rules for DC and Marvel movies.

Maybe it is the desire to rain on the box office party of MCU or create a David vs Goliath story, people need to understand both of these sets of movies come from massive institutions and there should not be two rules to judge them. It is not about creating equity, every circumstance should be judged equally on its merits.

While professional MCU hater Scott Mendelson has used the idea of an interconnected universe to dump on Marvel movies. His feeling is no movie in MCU can be judged on its own merits which is why he cannot be fair, that should not be thinking of everyone.

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A bad movie is a bad movie, director’s cut, behind the scene drama, none of those things matter. Judging movies should be like professional fighting, if you make the weight, you fight with the same rules. DC and Marvel are part of Warner Bros. and Disney corporation, they have made weight, now let them fight head to head with the same rules.

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Last modified: May 2, 2021