'The Pandemic Girl' Julie Nolke Projects the Painful Reality of Going Viral on YouTube in Her Latest Video

Sep 17, 2020 @ 22:00 GMT+0000
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YouTuber and actress Julie Nolke's recent video just goes to show how it is for people who go viral overnight, although, with her personality in acting, it's hard to see it.

It's been far too, well, not that long since Julie Nolke's viral Pandemic video gave people the realization of the situation the world is in. And though a lot of them understood, the gravity of it only came to motion when the fear was real, so much so that she released a second part as a sequel to the first. And fans expect another one to come in the near future.

Either way, her skits show the reality of anything, really, that when there's one thing taking over, people start to undermine the grave situation they've left behind, even though it's something no one should really ignore. That's what it was. The COVID-19 pandemic overshadowed the great Wildfires across the world, from Australia to South America.

Julie Nolke is often called The Pandemic Girl' by first time viewers.Nolke is often referred to as 'The Pandemic Girl' by new subscribers.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

But with locusts, murder hornets, police brutality and protests making the newspaper covers in the US, the risks of CoronaVirus were largely ignored. It came with the obvious price nonetheless. But while Nolke was but a speck among the ones to have warned about it, her way to go about it in a subtly comedic way as she did was a particularly refreshing one, unlike the impressive impersonations by Sarah Cooper and Kylie Scott.

With that reputation of 'The Pandemic Girl', Julie Nolke quickly made her YouTube channel a haven of skits no one knew she did. After basking in the limit of only 60,000 subscribers or so, she quickly got her YouTube button for 100,000 subscribers, and before you know it, surpassed 500,000, in such a short amount of time.

Julie Nolke holding herr 100,000 subscriber plaque.Nolke's subscriber count is rising at a steady rate.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

However, as viral things go, Nolke is not, by any means, someone new in the industry. She's been making videos for over half a decade now, as far as comedy skits go. To add to that is her professional work as a Tastemaker for Tastemade that got her plenty of experience in working in front of the camera, with husband Sam Larson holding the camera. Even her channel was originally named Feeling Peckish. But acting is the biggest focus right now, and this has finally paid off.

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Even after the viral video she made, Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self that's garnered over 15 million views, she's not changed her style of content, which she's made since day one. She's recently brought the 'Ask High Julie' series back, collaborated with her regular pals like Gina Phillips & Natalie Metcalfe (co-writer for many of her skits), moved her private & unlisted videos to public (yeah, we noticed), and most recently, had a talk with the beloved Mirror Julie character, although not rare even after the pandemic.

You don't have laugh tracks like SNL does, or even chimes & sounds to support the obvious gags within that many comedy-based YouTubers do use, but you will know when Nolke is trying to say something serious or plain make you laugh in her videos. And this recent video, titled I went viral., says more than it shows.

Julie Nolke with her two friends, Gina Philips on the right and Jill Agopsowicz.Friends make it easier too.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

As is commonplace in social media, there's always a reason someone goes viral, although everyone might not like the way they do. And with millions of likes, views and shares, almost everything changes for the internet user under the virality & such. Nolke is probably telling us what it is, although it is not exactly what is happening to her after her shot to fame. For one, her schedule of a video every Thursday is right on time.

The video starts with Nolke wrapping up her top from the Ask High Julie video last week when a beloved character, Mirror Julie, startles her. You know that friend you go to when you have trouble with something? That's what Mirror Julie is to the real one, although she fails to acknowledge they are the same one. Maybe it happens to some that they forget about certain friends once they have something bigger for themselves.

Now that the 30-year-old is earning primarily from YouTube (going from the pandemic video once getting over half the total video views on the channel), Mirror Julie feels like she needs some credit for her recent success and feeling left out. That happens to some. But Mirror Julie's had plenty of appearances since the pandemic video took off. In fact, she appeared in the very first video after the pandemic one.

Mirror Julie in one of Julie Nolke's videos.Mirror Julie is basically a drunk version of Nolke's many alternate characters.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

Mirror Julie is asking for some credit for her appearance in the video when the mirror isn't there, and despite Julie trying to say they are the same ones, she really wants that credit. There's the comedic touch of the Canadian while at it. "Help lift up the people you stepped on to climb to the top." Ouch! Hasn't something like this happened before?

More to note, Nolke says she's not getting richer and that she's not recognized when outside more than before, although, that may be purely for the purpose of comedy. Either way, the views on her video is getting higher and higher. And even the ones before have been getting new fans to her side and enjoying her content, which, for the most part, is profound in its own right.

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Another thing here is how Nolke says she's is afraid she's going to be a one-hit wonder (referring to the pandemic videos), which the 590,000+ subscribers clearly refute. It's another worry for someone going viral. She's putting the realization to the table, if anyone else should feel that way. And should that day come for her, she'll make an effort to go "out with a bang".

Julie Nolke in a high heel pose resting on her back.The second Pandemic video did really well too.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

"I have a bit of fear that maybe I'm going to be a one-hit wonder. I'm like, what if my best work is behind me? What if people are going to be bored of me? What if they are already bored of me? How do I keep creating stuff without the pressure of striving for views?" These are probably the questions even OGs wonder time and again, never mind the one-viral content creator.

Then, Mirror Julie interrupts, "When are people going to find out you're a phony..." It's a rather rare (but popularly common) self-doubt, but what is Shane Dawson feeling in the last few months? Just add that to the list.

Mirror Julie takes a jab at the financial aspect of Nolke's career, diverging from the real discussion of her problems by cooking up ways to probably get some out of it. That was confusing, but when Shark Tank dropped in, the comparison was only between the battle for the problems and business ownership.

It ends with a rather positive suggestion from Mirror Julie for the, as she says, 'Regular Julie', as she always did before. And it's probably an extremely relevant one when it comes to Julie Nolke. "You started by making videos that you loved, that you found funny. And now other people are watching. They love it, and they find it funny. So I figured if you keep making stuff that you love, it keeps getting good for everybody. And if not, you just are doing it for you. That's good also."

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The actress hasn't run out of ideas for the past five years, so she should be good for a long time still. Ryan Higa is unofficially packing it up, with no more new ideas he could make videos with. It gets tiring, but as long as she finds something to use, there'll always be content from her.

She has a different approach to her videos, which sensibly attracts a particular kind of viewers who enjoy those kinds of videos. Unlike the other things (hello TikTokers) people get viral with millions and millions of people watching them within a short time, there's a consistency in the rise of Nolke's subscriber-count.

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Only the right kind of people are discovering her, as fans point out. And it will undoubtedly be a positive factor in the time she will last for. Even if it goes in a different direction, her hobby & passion for being an actor will provide her with opportunities, once this pandemic is properly taken care of.

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