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Why Kate can Never Forgive Tully in Firefly Lane? Season 2 Details!


A disclaimer before we get started, we are talking about Firefly Lane season 2, the final episode of season 1, and also some spoilers from the book. So, if you have not seen the first season, then come back when you are done. Or carry on reading if you do not mind spoilers, but you have been warned.

Firefly Lane is based on the beloved bestselling book by Kristin Hannah. The book detailed the life of two friends over three decades as love, jealousy, pain, and heartbreak shape their lives. Firefly Lane was greenlit by Netflix in 2019 and the show was released in February 2021 to lukewarm critical response.

The Netflix series follows the lives of Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey as they meet for the first time as teenagers and then became friends over a three-decade period. They battle through thick and thin as friends but at the end of Firefly Lane season 1, there appears to be a rift between the two best friends.

At the end of the first season, Kate tells Tully that she can never forgive her. For friends who have been through it all together, it seems Kate is drawing a line on stone, and fans are confused about what led to it all. The books by Kristin Hannah have some answers so let’s break it down why Kate can never forgive Tully.

Firefly Lane Season 1 Ending Explained

kate-mularkey-tully-hart-netflix-firefly-laneIn Firefly Lane season 1 finale, Kate can never forgive Tully. But for what reason? The books have some answers.
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The editing of Firefly Lane was done in a pretty deceptive way. Near the middle of the first season, we saw two years ahead flashforwards where Kate and Marah were getting ready to attend a funeral. The scenes were cut in a way to present an idea that Tully was going to die.

Well, as the final episode arrived, things began apparent that Tully was not dying. It was Kate’s father who passed away and the Mularkeys were headed to his funeral. But then the most shocking thing happened, Kate was ignoring and even outright angry at Tully.

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The main timeline of Firefly Lane had Tully asking Kate to be her producer. They were finally getting to do what they always dreamt about when they were kids. But the two years ahead timeline showed a fractured relationship which appears to be unrepairable no matter the attempts of Tully.

It was confusing seeing the two best friends being so distant from one another. Tully definitely feels like enough time has passed for Kate to forgive her but the transgression appears to be larger than the thinking of Tully. So, what exactly happens in the 2 years?

Why Kate can Never Forgive Tully in Firefly Lane? Season 2 Breakdown

While there is still no confirmation if there is going to be Firefly Lane season 2. The story seems to have struck a chord with certain masses and the two leading ladies have great chemistry which lends itself to hopes of continuation. With the assumption that Firefly season 2 is happening, we are taking a look at the storyline in the book to see what exactly happened between Kate and Tully.

In the Kristin Hannah two-book series there is one big reason why Kate and Tully fight. Tully gets Kate to bring her daughter to her show and what Kate expects to be a friendly interview turns into an examination of her parenting style. Tully paints a picture of Kate as an overcontrolling mother and that causes a rift between the friends.

According to the books, Kate and Tully have a huge bust-up during the taping of a show where Kate defends herself. Even going so far as to say, “Your own mother didn’t love you, and you’d sell your soul for fame.” That type of confrontation will definitely end a friendship.

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We do not see this happening between the Tully and Kate we came to know in Netflix‘s Firefly Lane. Tully loves Marah and she would never use her to further her own interest. We think there is another reason for the fight between the two best friends and why Kate can never forgive Tully.

As everyone saw, the season 1 finale had heartbreaks all around. The ladies were at odds, Sean came out to his family, and Johnny got blown up in Afghanistan. Johnny also gets blown up in the books but not in Afghanistan, instead, it was during the Desert Storm.

In the books, Johnny is taken to Germany where he gets medical attention for injuries sustained. His family gets there and so does Tully who has other motives than just meeting her old friend. She brings a filming crew, sneaks into Johnny’s room, and while he is unconscious reports from his bedside.

This storyline we see possibly happening in Firefly Lane season 2. It will play in contrast to Tully’s heroic reporting during the convenience store robbery and it is ample reason for Kate to hate Tully. So, considering everything, we think this is the reason why Kate can never forgive Tully.

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