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Maggie and Negan Come Face to Face – The Walking Dead Season 10 Final Six Episodes!


The Walking Dead is not as huge as it used to be 5 years ago. Some weird story choices and overrun stories have bogged down the once crown jewel of AMC. But for fans, the ride has been too long to quit now as The Walking Dead season 10 introduces the final six episodes and releases footage showing Maggie and Negan coming face to face.

Episode 16 of The Walking Dead season 10 was released almost four months ago. Almost all of The Walking Dead seasons have had 16 episodes in a season and some people thought A Certain Doom was the finale as the show headed for a final season.

But here were are, four months later, and a fresh batch of 6 episodes to carry us over. The Walking Dead season 11 is still eight months away so these six additional episodes should help fans jonesing for more. And with the arrival of six new episodes old and new characters are coming together to end the season on a high.

Maggie and Negan – Promotional Vidoe Promotes a Different Reaction

One of the most divisive moments for The Walking Dead fans was when Negan decided to bash fan-favorite Glenn’s head. Glenn was a surprising demise no one expected or even wanted but that death had created a murderous atmosphere between Maggie and Negan.

Maggie could never forgive what Negan did no matter how much Rick tried to punish him in a different way. We even saw Maggie almost killing Negan in Alexandria while he was in prison but seeing the broken man he had become, leaving him to a future of imprisonment was a better idea.

In season 9 Maggie left the show, Lauren Cohan went off and starred in a good procedural show. While Whiskey Cavalier was not renewed beyond the first season, that meant The Walking Dead got their star back. Maggie made a late entrance during the battle with The Whisperers.

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But she was not alone, a masked “ninja” came along with her as Maggie and her masked friend saved Gabriel in the tower. In episode 17 the masked man will be back and so will Maggie as she reunites with her friends and tries to help them build a community again.

In the promotional video released by AMC, Maggie is seen talking with Judith. Maggie was almost like a daughter to Rick and Michonne and she connects with Judith, a little baby when she left all those years ago. But the encounter every fan of the show is hoping to see is the one between Maggie and Negan.

And the video shared by AMC showed the two characters coming face to face for the first time in years. Negan is no longer the man he once was, he cares about Judith and Lydia. In the clip, Maggie is seen looking at Negan but they do not get into a fight.

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She may have thought he was worthless in Alexandria’s prison but this new Negan is different and it is understandable if she decided to kill him. But Maggie is also a different person now, she left everything and everyone she knew, behind and built a peaceful abode for herself.

Seeing that both characters have changed over the years, it is unsurprising that Maggie did not lunge the moment she saw Negan. Still, no matter how much the former baddie changes, he is still the person who killed her husband. At the end of the day, Maggie still may decide to forgive Negan, even if she doesn’t forgive, she might try to keep the past in the past.

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