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‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln is Returning to TV with Brand New Netflix Anthology Series

Andrew Lincoln, best known for the portrayal of Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead is returning to TV in......

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Could Andrew Lincoln Feature on Amazon Prime’s ‘Invincible’ Season 2?

The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln is lined up for a future role in the second season of Amazon Prime’s......

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reveals His Son is Set to Feature on ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead’s Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan says his son is set to feature in season 11, albeit in......

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Robert Kirkman Says Rick Grimes Movie will be Quite Different from ‘The Walking Dead’

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman claims the upcoming Rick Grimes movie will be pretty different from the AMC show.......

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The Walking Dead Boss Teases “Intense Reunion” in Bonus Episodes!

The Walking Dead is back this week, and no it is not the final 11th season premiering on AMC. Instead,......

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Maggie and Negan Come Face to Face – The Walking Dead Season 10 Final Six Episodes!

The Walking Dead is not as huge as it used to be 5 years ago. Some weird story choices and......

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Gus Fring Died as Zombie on ‘Breaking Bad’ Thanks to Special Help from ‘The Walking Dead’

Gus’ death on Breaking Bad had a special helping hand from ‘The Walking Dead’ team. As impressive as Breaking Bad......

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Lauren Cohan Reveals Why She Never Returned to Supernatural

Lauren Cohan played the recurring role of Bela Talbot in the third season of Supernatural. Lauren Cohan, most renowned for......

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Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Spinoff – Plot Details, Release Date and Fate!

At this point, we can say there are way too many zombie shows and movies in the world. No matter......

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