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The Walking Dead Boss Teases “Intense Reunion” in Bonus Episodes!


The Walking Dead is back this week, and no it is not the final 11th season premiering on AMC. Instead, owing to COVID delays AMC added six new episodes to season 10, making it the longest season to date. And in TWD season 10 bonus episodes there will be an “intense reunion between two beloved characters, according to executive producer Angel Kang.

The new episodes of AMC‘s The Walking Dead have already been made available on AMC+ and on 28 February 2021 everyone else will be able to see the first of six bonus episodes. Episode 16 was supposed to be the finale and it was finished during the pandemic with bad CGI, but still, the “finale” brought back a beloved figure to the fold.

Maggie left The Walking Dead after Rick supposedly died. Lauren Cohan was hired to appear in her own show and she left TWD. Mentioned in name only during season 10, Maggie finally returned to the 16th episode to save the day. And with her comeback, there is a massive confrontation waiting to happen which is being teased during the promotion of the bonus episodes.

Maggie is Back, But She is Changed


The Walking Dead has been a little slow for a while. Whether it is the storyline or the characters as original cast members slowly faded away. One of the best ones to leave was Lauren Cohan and Maggie moved away to another place with the mystery campers and their van.

While Jesus tried to bring her back, she seemingly had left her hurtful past that was associated with the former crew, behind. Then it was announced that Maggie would be returning to The Walking Dead. The news was a welcome one for almost all fans and after months of speculation, she finally came back.

Maggie and an unknown masked “ninja” arrived at the tower where Gabriel was fighting off The Whisperers. She appeared to be the same kind-hearted person who left for pasture anew one season ago. But according to the executive producer of the show, she is a changed person.

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Executive producer Angela Kang said, “What we will see over time is that this is a person who has had to continue to harden herself and take sort of a more pragmatic approach to the world. She has this incredible heart that is at the core of her character, but if you remember the Maggie who hung Gregory without a trial… Well, she’s had to go more in that direction over time.”

When Negan was taken prisoner by Rick, instead of killing him, we saw a slow slide of Maggie into a different person. She almost went as far as to kill a prisoner while he was sitting, broken, in his case. That was not the Maggie we were introduced to in TWD season 2.

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Angela elaborated on her statement, saying Maggie had seen way much evil than most of the people she left behind. Imagine seeing horrors that are worse than watching your husband getting killed by a psychopath with a wired baseball bat. That is the level of evil Angela is pushing forward and we for one are excited to see where all that pain and horror take Maggie.

The producer also gave a little tease of the highly anticipated reunion between Maggie and Negan. Angela said the tone is “incredibly tense” when the two first come face to face again. And also reiterated something everyone knows, “There’s no love lost there.”

She then mentioned how Negan will come to see the new version of Maggie. Angela explained, “As the story between the two of them unfolds over time. He’ll start to see what about her is unexpected.” Negan and Maggie’s come-together moment is highly anticipated and it is all happening in the first bonus episode of The Walking Dead season 10.

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