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Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Spinoff – Plot Details, Release Date and Fate!

Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Spinoff - Plot Details, Release Date and Fate!

At this point, we can say there are way too many zombie shows and movies in the world. No matter some people’s fatigue with the genre, like the flesh-eating monsters in the shows, The Walking Dead is not dying any time soon. Beloved characters Daryl and Carol are coming with another The Walking Dead spinoff on AMC.

At this point, I don’t think there is much more appetite among fans The Walking Dead to see more of the series. I, for one, got tired after the sixth season, and you can see the shrinking numbers for AMC when the main show is concerned.

Fear the Walking Dead is improving in quality, but the same story is following all the TWD properties. We will see how much fans want to see new properties from the world created from comics when The Walking Dead: The World Beyond premiers on 4 October 2020.

But no matter the shrinking numbers, AMC still believes in the IP and Daryl and Carol characters. Those two are fan-favorite characters, and considering almost all the OG cast members are gone, we kind of have to like them. Still, let’s take a look at what a new Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead spinoff may look like.

Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Spinoff – Plot Details

Recently AMC confirmed that The Walking Dead was ending after season 11. The finale for the 10th season is yet to air, but we will see the return of fan-favorite character Maggie. She will be back after her show Whiskey Cavalier failed to get a second season pickup, with trailers already revealing the character is making a comeback in the finale.

The fans will have Maggie, Daryl, Carol, and other few characters to carry them out in 2021 for the final season. Then Daryl and Carol will be taken out of the show and placed into their own little world.

In some ways, the idea of Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead spinoff idea is a little exciting. With all the characters leaving the main show, it is just not interesting anymore and having the two fan-favorites from the very first season of the show going off on their own is an intriguing idea.

In terms of plot details, the confirmation does mean Carol and Daryl will survive the events of The Walking Dead. It appears that the two almost lovers will take their bike and move away from Alexandria or wherever the gang lands in the final season of the show.

They will no longer be with the group if they survive and move away for their own adventure. Trying to find a patch of dirt, they can call home and move away from the chaos.

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Considering Daryl is a character created in the first season with no basis in the comics. There has never been a set-precedent as to where the character will end up by the eventual finale. This is also a good reason why spinning off the character is a good idea.

I just have one quick ask about the Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead spinoff; please bring back the end of season 4 and the start of season 5 Carol. Not the anxiety struck and suicidal Carol, who was almost universally hated.

Even Carol, who was motherly and strong warrior/wife figure, is acceptable, just not the nervous wreck and extremely impulsive woman we know of late. Daryl is fine, he has been fine from the start, and Carol and Daryl together make for some of the best moments in the series. In a way, I’m happy that they are getting to do their own thing, but only time will tell if there is a hunger for more TWD stories.

Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead Spinoff – Release Date

Daryl and Carol still have some work to do in The Walking Dead. They are going to be at the forefront of the final season, and we do not expect a solemn ending to the characters like the ones faced by Rick and Michonne.

This means Daryl and Carol will be in the thick of things to the end of 2021 when TWD says its goodbyes. So, the closest estimate for Daryl and Carol The Walking Dead spinoff is 2022. The show’s release date will be somewhere in 2022, with first-half being released in the fall of the year and the second half coming to the screens in the Spring of 2023.

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