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The School Nurse Files Netflix – Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer and Other Details

The School Nurse Files Netflix - Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer and Other Details

Korean dramas, more like romance shows, are all over Netflix. The streaming giant is courting the massive Asian market and Western audiences’ voracity when it comes to Korean productions. The School Nurse Files is a new addition to Netflix, and the show is looking pretty funny.

Recently Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol was supposed to be released on Netflix, but due to an actor contracting COVID-19, the release was pushed. With only the Record of Youth keeping audiences company in recent days, any new content would be welcome for the Korean drama lovers.

The School Nurse Files Netflix Plot – What is the Korean Rom-com About?

Fight monsters, save the school, go to lunch, The School Nurse Files is coming to Netflix.Fight monsters, save the school, go to lunch, The School Nurse Files is coming to Netflix.
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There is no denying that Korean romance dramas have some of the most innovative storylines and plot points. Whether it is Death falling in love or two parallel Koreas joined by a Prince and his journey to find the person who saved him. The show is adapted from the book School Nurse Ahh Eun-young, which Netflix acquired for adaptation in 2018.

The School Nurse Files on Netflix also follows a fantastical plot, and we are all excited about it. According to Netflix, The School Nurse Files follows, “Ahn Eun-young, a school nurse who has powers that allow her to chase ghosts, is appointed to a new high school where mysterious incidents take place.”

Ahh Eun-young always had trouble fitting in, and when she started to see weird jelly-like blobs, most of the people in her life thought there was something wrong with her. Well, what she saw in blob form was greed, sometimes ghosts, and when she joins the school as a Nurse, Ahh decides to protect the kids from monsters, only she can see.

In her battle to save the kids, she comes across Hong In-pyo, who has an “amazing aura” about him. Ahh is able to recharge her power just by touching him, and Hong decides to help her in the quest to destroy all the monsters he helped release.

The blobs are amazing, and Ahh has herself a water gun and a sword, which will come in handy in her quest to keep the kids safe and destroy the demons.

The School Nurse Files Netflix Cast – Who Plays Ahh and Hong?

To the western audiences, Ahh Eun-young actress, Jung Yu-mi, may look a little familiar. She is the actress who appeared in Train to Busan, the only two doomed train survivors. The actress has some big movies and TV shows under her belt, and now she is bringing her talent to the Netflix show The School Nurse Files.

Asian fans do not need us to tell them who Jung is, as the actress has been involved in some big Korean movies, from The Crucible to the 2019 hit flick Kim Ji-young: Born 1982. She is combining forces with another notable star, who is co-starring in the series.

Nam Joo-hyuk plays Hong In-pyo in the Netflix series The School Nurse Files. He was recently seen in the action epic The Great Battle, which was a massive hit in Korean. He also appeared in The Bride of Habaek, which was a spinoff a 2006 show.

Hong is the love interest of Ahh in the series. He mistakenly opens a door, which results in monsters’ release, and weird stuff starts to happen in school. This results in Hong and Ahh coming together to fix his mistake and fall in love while doing it (obviously).

Moon So-ri, Lee Jong-won, Kim Joo-ryung, Lee Joo-young, and Teo Yoo also appear in The School Nurse Files, playing unspecified roles.

The School Nurse Files Netflix Release Date – Total Number of Episodes

According to Netflix, The School Nurse Files will be released on 25 September. We do not expect this show to suffer the same fate of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, which has undergone some production delays due to COVID-19.

Do Do is still not released on either the Korean channel or Netflix as the production team is waiting to finish shooting the final half of the show. But we do not expect the same thing for The School Nurse Files as the show was filmed in 2019, and it is primed for release on the specified date.

During their acquisition of the rights for the books, Netflix also mentioned that it was going to be a 6-part adaptation. No 15 episode long story arc for this Korean drama and you will be able to enjoy all six episodes in one sitting as they will all be released on the same day, 25 September 2020.

Does The School Nurse Files Have a Trailer?

The first trailer of The School Nurse Files was released on 24 August 2020. The trailer shows Ahh and how people perceive her while she goes to battle against monsters and things trying to harm the kids she is entrusted with. It is a pretty funny trailer; check it out above.

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