Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol on Netflix – Korean Drama Delay, Release Date and Other Details

Aug 21, 2020 @ 20:48 GMT+0000
Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol on Netflix - Korean Drama Delay, Release Date and Other Details

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is the new Korean drama series from KBS with Netflix doing the international distribution. Netflix has gotten itself firmly into providing Korean drama series for the Western audiences on an episode wise basis. The show first airs on Korea, and it is simultaneously made available worldwide through Netflix.

After the recent success of The King: Eternal Monarch, we are excited to see other Netflix programming from Korea. There is a massive appetite for Korean culture in the west, just look at the 45 million-plus views on BTS‘s English song. Those numbers were racked up in eight hours.

Netflix is in an amazing position with these Korean drama series, and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol seems to be another winner for the streaming platform. Here is everything you need to know about the Korean drama series Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol before it arrives on Netflix.

What is Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol on Netflix About?

Korean dramas are primarily romance shows, which is why most males do not or try to hide the fact that they watch it. We do not need to explain Korean dramas to anyone in this world; those who pretend not to watch it are the ones who know everything about them.

So, Netflix is partnering up to bring the new series to a worldwide audience. And according to their synopsis Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is, “A riches-to-rags pianist who loses everything but her smile is guided by twinkling little stars to a small town where she finds hope, home, and love.”

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Go Ara plays Goo Ra-ra, a talented pianist who loses her skills and moves to a countryside piano retreat where she finds family and love. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is pretty straight forward, despite losing her talent she Goo Ra-ra never loses her smile and hope which brings her to the path of redemption, with some handsome help, obviously.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Release Date

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is coming to Netflix on 26 August 2020.Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is coming to Netflix on 26 August 2020.
Source: Google

According to the trailers and Netflix’s website, it is clear that the Korean drama will be released on 26 August 2020. Episodes will be released every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30 Korean Standard Time or UTC+9 hours. The show will premier on KBS2 in South Korea, and Netflix will handle international same-day distribution.

There are a total of 16 episodes, as it is with the most Korean shows nowadays. It will take a total of eight weeks for the show to conclude, but recent events have hampered the show’s production schedule.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Product Delay Due to Actor Getting COVID-19

The conception of Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol first began during the worldwide pandemic situation. The first script read for the show was held in May of 2020, and filming also took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything was going smoothly for the production team, but now they are halting the production for the series a little while.

“Actor Heo Dong Won, who is appearing in ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol,’ was diagnosed with COVID-19 today (August 20). We have taken measures so that the actors and staff can quickly receive examinations, and filming will come to a halt until the results come out. When discussing the upcoming schedule, such as when we will resume filming and begin broadcasting, we will always place the staff’s safety and infection prevention is our top priority,” the official press release read.

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Due to actor Heo Dong Won getting diagnosed with COVID-19 Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol‘s production is temporarily halted. The producers of the show are prioritizing the health of the people who work on the series. We are still not certain how this will affect the release schedule of the anticipated Netflix series.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol already has a 15 October 2020 end date in place, this delay in production may or may not affect the scheduled end date. All that matters is everyone’s safety; for now, people can expect to enjoy the Korean drama on 26 and 27 August when the first two episodes are released.

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