Kathryn Hahn Reveals Her Favorite Sitcom Decade on ‘WandaVision’

Mar 7, 2021 @ 9:17 GMT+0000
Kathryn Hahn Reveals Her Favorite Sitcom Decade on 'WandaVision'

‘WandaVision’ star Kathryn Hahn talks about her favorite era of sitcoms.

WandaVision was primarily concerned with recreating past eras in the history of sitcoms, and Kathryn Hahn spoke about which of those generations was her favorite in a new interview.

Agnes or Agatha Harkness stole the show in every period, but she states her favorite is the 1980s. Hahn talked to Vanity Fair about her WandaVision experience and it looks like the actress is still having lots of fun despite the fans not being aware if she’ll be back in the MCU.


When things moved to the ’80s in the limited Disney+ series, Kathryn Hahn couldn’t hold back her excitement and love for the decade.

This included everything from making the real curl to the nettops to everything in between. Episode 5 was rated pretty high, and the tribute to Family Ties was loved by fans and critics alike.

She explained,

I think the ’80s because I’m a kid of the ’80s, so it always feels really nostalgic—that kind of music; even the clothes I got to wear were just my dream clothes. I was, like, Oh, just like Isabel Marant right now: fold-over black pants and mules and a French cuff. I would say probably the ’80s because it’s all closest to home, style-wise. I love big hair.

The actress spoke about the wild ride of the sitcom world with Comic Book earlier this year. She was swept away by the dedication to this setup.

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Kathryn Hahn said,

I think even just the setup alone, taking something that is so comfortable and so familiar and so deep in our psyche as a traditional sitcom where you like… I know for me at least, there is something about the format of the setup, the misunderstanding the resolution, every single time, you know that you’re gonna end in this comfortable place of just like, ‘Ha!’ with the laugh over it and just knowing that.

Hahn added, even on such a basis, understanding and believing that it’s not it; the fact that there’s something more going on beneath the comfort and safety of the staple. This uncertainty was really interesting to her.

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