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WandaVision Songwriters Explain How They Came Up With “Agatha All Along”

WandaVision Songwriters Explain How They Came Up With "Agatha All Along"

‘Agatha All Along’ became an instant hit as soon as episode seven of WandaVision aired.

WandaVision‘s eighth episode aired last week, which means we’re just a few days away from the season finale. The Disney+ show is a fun and thrilling ride full of music, tears, and some amazing songs.

Most of the episodes incorporated an opening credits sequence that made reference to sitcoms through the decades, but there’s one track in particular that certainly stood out the most.

At the conclusion of the seventh episode in the series, it was confirmed that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is a powerful witch and a chief manipulator of all the incidents in West View named Agatha Harkness.

The scene is marked with a catchy song entitled “Agatha All Along” by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, best known for composing songs for Frozen (2013) and Coco (2017). During their recent interview with the New York Times, the talented duo performed a breakdown of the hit track.

Lopez explained,

None of us knew this was going to be the song. We woke up that morning to find that it was all over the Internet, and it was like, ‘This is awesome.’

Before the popular track became a sensation on the internet, the pair were “sort of sad” that the show was drawing to a close and they had no idea whether they’d have any hits come out. Imagine their delight when their work received appreciation all over social media!

Explaining the inspiration for the hit song, Anderson-Lopez said:

It’s got an Addams Family twist with an electric harpsichord. It’s super-duper cool and feels like something you’d find in a haunted house.

She added,

In a way, ‘Agatha All Along’ was there all along. We’ve been spoon-feeding a tritone that’s called the devil’s interval — the [soft voice] duh-duh-duh — throughout the series. And then ultimately, when the big reveal happens with the [thundering voice] DUH! DUH! DUH!, everyone had been hearing it steadily, so it felt like an old friend.

The couple revealed they initially wanted to make Agatha’s version more identical to the That Girl soundtrack, but it didn’t feel right.

Kristen continued,

So then we thought: It’s a show about witches, right? So let’s embrace it. What other shows are about witches and Goth figures? The Addams Family, The Munsters, the ‘Monster Mash’ — all these Halloween-y kind of songs that have this grinding, growling bari sax.

The songwriter further stated,

We also have an electric harpsichord, which is what they use in The Addams Family. That’s the thing going dit-dit-dit-dit-dit-dit — the repeated chorus.

The couple also clarified the reason they decided to add the word “perfidious” to the song. They knew they didn’t want to say hideous because Agatha remains quite hot. Then she took a glance at the rhyming dictionary, and she was like, ‘Perfidious! It’s so great! It’s so perfect.’

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Kristen Anderson-Lopez divulged that they always include an SAT word in the lyrics since many listeners appreciate it when they learn a new word. And if someone is familiar with the word all along, they love being able to boast about it.

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