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Kendra Duggar’s Sister Lauren Caldwell is Officially Engaged to Titus Hall

Kendra Duggar’s Sister Lauren Caldwell is Officially Engaged to Titus Hall

Lauren Caldwell said yes!

The younger sister of Kendra Duggar, Lauren Caldwell, is officially engaged! The 20-year-old said yes to Titus Hall.

The family announced the big news on social media on 15th October. Kendra and Lauren’s parents posted a series of pictures of the engagement photo session. It looks like the pictures were shot on the beach when the Caldwells went on holiday to Florida.

The family revealed it was a spontaneous engagement. They wrote, “We couldn’t be happier for Titus and Lauren!” The family shared no further details, so it’s not clear how the engagement went down.

Before the announcement, Lauren’s relationship was not obvious in the public media. The family did not engage in courtship. As a matter of fact, many fans thought Lauren was dating a Duggar.

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There’s been a lot of speculation about Lauren being in a relationship with one of the men from Counting On. Nothing was confirmed, however, and now it is clear that all these rumors were nothing more than misinformation.

Many members of the Duggar family have grown to admire the Caldwells, too. In response to the pictures, they congratulated Lauren and Titus. They think the pair is adorable together, and they’re looking forward to watching their relationship blossom.

As expected, many fans are speaking about how shocked they are. A lot of them thought she was going to be engaged to a Duggar man. They’re grateful, though, that she’s happy.

One fan wrote,

The ring is stunning! Just like the bride to be ??❤️

The second said,

Finally! Been waiting for this news ? Titus is a keeper. Looking forward to meeting Lauren someday. Congrats

As for Titus, the only known piece of information about him is the fact that he resides in Pennsylvania. In addition, he’s a preacher with numerous videos on Youtube as well as the church’s website.

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Last modified: October 18, 2020