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‘Love Island’ Star Priya Gopalda Reveals She Donated Her Entire Paycheque to Charity

Love Island Star Priya Gopalda Reveals She Donated Her Entire Paycheque to Charity

Love Island star Priya Gopalda reveals her charity endeavors on Instagram as she gave away her entire paycheck from the reality show to charity.

Priya Gopaldas, one of the contestants on Love Island 2021, has disclosed that she gave her £750 salary cheque from the program to charity.

Priya, a medical student, arrived in the villa as a surprise on day 42, along with Aaron Simpson. After getting coupled up with Brett Staniland, she got ejected off the island merely eight days later. Priya was paid £750 for her participation in the show, which she gave to NHS Charities Together.

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Priya captioned a screenshot of her gift on her Instagram Story, “Love Island paycheque put to use.”

Meanwhile, Priya won’t be forgotten for one of the most unusual dating anecdotes ever heard on ITV2 despite her brief tenure in the villa.

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Priya stated during a conversation with Chloe, Mary, and Millie that she previously went on a taxidermy romance.

Priya revealed,

Yeah. So it was like a theme date… we used to surprise each other with dates, so we’d just try to one-up each other. We stuffed like two dead mice.

She then remembered dressing up the mice with outfits and accessories from a Sylvanian Families doll set.

I had a little pack that was like a doctor and a patient, and it had all the props. It had a little wheelchair and a nurse’s outfit, and so we dressed up the dead mice with those outfits. It was such a good day, honestly. You don’t forget those dates.

Following a public vote, Liam Reardon and Millie Court became Love Island 2021 champions on 23rd August.

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