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Love Island’s Alex George Thinks We Might See Better Diversity in 2021

Love Island's Alex George Thinks We Might See Better Diversity in 2021

Love Island’s Alex George reckons better diversity is on the cards in the 2021 lineup. Will there be greater representation in the 2021 edition?

Dr. Alex George, a fan favorite from last year’s show, has expressed his desire for more diversity in this year’s program.

Grabbing a microphone for ex-Strictly Come Dancing star Susannah Constantine‘s podcast My Wardrobe Malfunction, Alex, 30, went on to say that he’s spreading his knowledge with ITV executives on how to help the villa-mates during their stay.

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He told the host,

I actually sit on a board now, a mental health advisory board for ITV and a lot of the thoughts now moving forward are how can we promote a better wellbeing, not just [for] the people on the show but the people watching it [too].

The doctor added,

TV, reality TV, can have an impact on people’s mental health but it can do it in positive way as well.

He continued,

If we think about it and we consider these things when making these shows, consider who you’re putting on there: ‘Are they prepared for that? What messages are we giving to people? Are we representing the body image, the diversity that we have in the UK on screen?’ Those kind of things.

Alex has expressed his desire for more representation on film and behind-the-scenes in the 2021 iteration.

I’ll be interested to see what the cast is like this year on Love Island – but I think that we might see a better diversity, I hope, in all sorts of ways on the show this year.

Love Island will return later in 2021.

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Last modified: May 18, 2021