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Love Island’s Dani Dyer Discusses Relationship with ‘EastEnders’ Dad Danny

Love Island's Dani Dyer Discusses Relationship with Dad Danny

Dani Dyer reveals her dad Danny, best known as Mick Carter on EastEnders, was kind of upset and did not want to talk to her when she joined Love Island.

Dani Dyer instantly turned into a favorite after becoming a part of Love Island back in 2018, but one individual who wasn’t so pleased about her participation was her well-renowned dad.

EastEnders star Danny Dyer confessed he didn’t talk to his daughter after she announced she was participating in the ITV2 reality program as the two talked on their podcast, Sorted With The Dyers.

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Dani recalled,

I loved being a dental nurse but it wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be forever. Then Love Island happened.

Danny added,

Everything was going all lovely and you were getting on with it and all of a sudden you sat me down.

Dani explained,

I wanted something different, I never took risks and I thought this could be a good one.

The Skins actor jumped in, saying it wasn’t going smoothly at first.

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Dani told her father how he hated her but he strictly denied it, insisting he never hated her nor anybody for that matter.


She clarified,

He didn’t like me. We didn’t really talk. It was very awkward. Oh my god, I’d walk into the room and it would be so awkward.

The Mick Carter actor concurred,

No, we didn’t talk. I think I was upset because we were very close and you’d spoke about it to everyone, I was the last &&&&er.

He continued,

I set you off, I put your suitcase in the boot all &&&king angry and I said, ‘go on just &&&&ing go and do what you got to do.’ I was petrified but it turned out well. I just became a viewer like everyone else and I didn’t have any contact with you and I just watched this very authentic vulnerable thing unfold.

Dani ended up winning the reality show with Jack Fincham, but the couple separated not long after the show concluded. Dani recently gave birth to her baby boy Santiago with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

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